Music Reviews DECEMBER 2018

Imagine Dragons - "Origins"

Picture this: You come home everyday to hear the same sad story over and over again, you’re never surprised, but always disappointed. No, I’m not talking about being a Lions fan; this is the life of the Imagine Dragons listener.

Origins is the exact same as every other album from Imagine Dragons. It doesn’t have it’s own sound, vibe, or theme. The only difference this time was they turned up the synth really loud because, to them, it sounds good.

Every song on Origins is like every other Imagine Dragons song. It starts off with soft vocals followed by a crescendo into the chorus, which is always the name of the song said four to five sometimes followed by an “ooooooh” after each one. Then the song sinks back into the soft vocals and shockingly leads into the same chorus but this time the bass is turned up and sometimes there’s an autotune effect on the vocals.

Finally they put an end to our suffering by fading out with soft vocals over either an acoustic track or a minimalist beat. It shouldn’t be possible for a song to be overplayed before it even comes out, but Imagine Dragons seems to blow away my expectations as to what bad music can sound like every time.


Lil' Peep - "Come Over When You're sober pt2"

When an artist dies in 2018 it’s unfortunately the best publicity they’ll ever receive.

The publicity feels deserved because his work on this album was actually pretty fantastic, but I can’t help shake the feeling that part of the appeal of this project is that the artist is dead.

Most of the tracks on this feel like they were written about his own death and the whole mood of the album feels really eerie.

Shortly after his death is when a lot of his work began to get noticed, the track Runaway seems to comment on this when he says “Why the f*** everybody act like they care? I was dying and nobody was there”. There’s a lot of moments like that on this project and every song feels complete despite the fact that the artist is dead.

I really enjoyed this album and wished I would have listened to it on a rainy day looking out a window rather than on a bus to Saline while two kids were aggressively displaying their affection for one another in the seat in front of me.


XXXtentacion - "Skins"

In today’s world, not even dying is enough to save you from corporate greed.

This latest album from X is just a shameless cash grab held together by scotch tape and Elmer’s glue because it’s really hard to make an album when all you have left are audio snippets of the artist sneezing.

It’s almost like when someone dies you should just let them be remembered for their successful music career instead of digging up their corpse and tying strings to their hands and feet so you can make them dance for you one last time.

This shouldn’t even be considered an album so it shouldn’t get a score.

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Zach Bagbey

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