Guinea Pig Farm little fury pigs are cute

guinea pigs have a wide range of things to eat and play with. twigs from your back yard can be great tooth trimming tool. they can hid in boxes and play with each other if they get along. they can

some of guinea pig do not have short hair. and they come in gray, white,brown(in different shades),and black.

so having a guinea pig farm would be a fun cute quest. Thank you.

here some guinea pigs

Created By
Alexander Ramirez


Created with images by vantagepointfl - "guinea pig cavy pet" • AlishaV - "101_1926" • MAKY_OREL - "guinea-pig male agouti" • Su--May - "Guinea pigs snacking on grass while their cage got cleaned" • pushprajkatiyar - "Dropplet" • medigirol - "Guinea Pig" • Su--May - "Maximillien, male Abyssinian guinea pig" • Alexas_Fotos - "guinea pig wildpark poing cute" • mariposavet - "Owen the baby guinea pig, tri-color"

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