In the wake of a worldwide shutdown, it's time to get back to the new normal. For our final capstone assignments we are looking towards the future by creating practical design work, with the emphasis placed on rebuilding and change for our future community.


After an extremely tough year for the travel industry and so many regions in Australia that would usually rely on tourism to keep them afloat, I am creating an Australian travel campaign, to highlight under appreciated destination that deserve more screen time and the opportunity to target an untapped audience to keep their local economy's thriving.

the goal

Needing to get back to a sense of normality, The campaign aims to at the core to help put money back into the local economy, especially those of small businesses. The campaign itself will encourage younger Australians to travel to more underrated, lesser known sights and destinations in Australia that offer just as much as Australia’s big attractions, but would benefit greatly from more exposure and tourism to just stay afloat. By attracting these younger Aussie's the aims are for them to share their travels on social media and create a buzz around these more underrated destinations.


  • Promote underrated destinations and small Aussie communities
  • Boost Australia's economy
  • Create awareness and hype around Australian tourism
  • Create social media buzz around underrated Aussie destinations

design solution

To solve these points within Australian coming tourism resurgence I am producing a full visual identity with logos, colour palette’s and type choices, 3 A2 poster prints, a website adverting the campaign and its destinations, an instagram ad campaign, a travel booklet with articles about the destinations as well as my 3D Deliverables which are stickers and a hard sleeve for my booklet.

The customer journey to help with the progression of my campaign would work by getting the posters out to the public to be seen in my target areas to then direct them to the website. The website will offer more information on the concept of the campaign, direct them to the social media pages and to receive a booklet. The booklet will be read by the target audience and will further interest and educate them on the destinations and finally the social media campaign will be able to reach a wide audience with little work and encourage the audience to interact, posting there own experiences at these destinations and peak others interests in visiting.

target audience

The target audience is aimed towards younger individuals that already have a bit of the travel and exploring bug in them before the pandemic but could extend their destinations instead of the usual mainstream places.

Those of which are between the ages of 18 to 35 with a mid to high social economic status that mostly live in inner city and surrounding suburbs around Australia but like to get out and travel away from the hustle and bustle, that often go out with big groups of friends always keen to try something new.

I believe this audience will work well because millennials have become very invested in Aussie culture and are always looking for ways to show off and explore what we have to offer as Australians on their social media's

further research

From looking at Australian Tourism Industry statistics from 2019/2020 from budget direct, not only did the industry contribute a total of AUD $60.8 Billion (3.1% of GDP) in 2019 but also employed 666,000 people (5.2% of total employment). Since the Pandemic international arrivals have plummeted since February 2020, falling 26% below February 2019’s total. Comparisons between international arrivals from March 2019 to March 2020 shows an even further drop of 60% and this cooperates my campaign's concept to target such a large portion of young Australian's to travel their own beautiful country because the idea of boarders opening anytime soon is still very unclear.

audience testing

In order to test if this project is suitable for the target audience, I created a short survey that I can put on platforms like facebook groups to complete using Google survey.


I did an extensive amount of research into what specific hidden gems I wanted to focus on, and after looking at many top 10 hidden gem lists and searching the web for articles, I found the best way to narrow down specific places I wanted to focus on was to actually look at instagram. This way I was already in the realm of places my target audience was interested in and I was able to read about there travels from a first hand account.

Most looked at Instagram pages

  • @australia
  • @suitcasestories.be
  • @earthwithus
  • @sarahbyden & @vinniepreston
  • @_aswewander
  • @jade_elise_collins
  • @saltytravellers
  • @kendallbaggerly


Hyden,western australia

Hyden is situated four hour's drive south east of Perth, via the Brookton Highway. Home of Australia’s biggest waves - nowhere near the ocean, but it is home to world famous Wave Rock. Over 2,700 million years in the making, the wave rises 15 metres over the outback plain. The whole suburb of Hyden offers so many amazing natural rock formations and is rich in Aboriginal history. The perfect tourist destination for those wanting to see Australia's natural landscape and capture amazing instagram photos as a bonus.


royal national park New south wales

Sydney’s Royal National Park is less than an hour’s drive from the CBD, yet so many Sydneysiders haven’t stepped foot in the pristine 15,091 hectares of bushland that lines the coast south of Sydney. There is a reason that you’re rewarded with so much natural beauty in one place, from pristine beaches to a littoral rainforest and ancient Aboriginal sites as well as abundant wildlife – this is one of the world’s oldest national parks. Such a perfect destination as it has something to offer for everyone and is so close to metro area's.


eyre peninsula south australia

From bush camping to beach camping, fishing to stargazing, discovering rich Indigenous heritage to unique street art and epic silo murals - climb ancient rock formations, hike in their many parks and swim in Instagram-worthy rock pools after picnicking on those empty sandy beaches or just do it all on a long road trip down the coast. South Australia is often an overlooked state and the eyre peninsula has all the above to offer all in hours of each other making it a perfect road trip for a group of young friends that are either beginner travellers or looking to add to their instagram travel portfolio.

other campaign research

the brand


The campaign style and aesthetic I’m looking to aim for is a very bright, fresh illustrative look which really highlights space and colours. Almost trying to take on a minimalist style with less is more but at the same time highlighting the beauty and simplicity of the Australian sights, as well as trying to embodied Australia's laid back culture. As for the colour palette more muted colours using earthy tones and blues.


The campaign name ‘homesick’ will refer to the isolation many Australians have had to bare through in parallel from being stuck in their homes, missing the great outdoors Australia has to offer us.

colour palette

type faces



This topic was something so close to me as an Australian feeling so isolated from our own giant backyard this past year. I always say how grateful I am to live in such a beautiful country. Celebrating that with a tourism campaign to give back and help the small local communities, that have suffered through such a tough year just seemed like the obvious thing to do.

This capstone was anything but straight forward for me. It took many all nighters, tedious, technical design work and lots of researching. It's really taught me about planning and thinking ahead when doing such large projects with many elements. I was also able to learn about new technical skills and program's like Adobe Spark.

When conducting my research, even I was surprised and interested in these amazing places that Australia has to offer that I never knew about, places that are so close to home. I hope the excitement that I felt when seeing and reading about these amazing locations our Aussie backyard has to offer us, is the same reaction others have when they see the campaign and they have the urge to book their next trip to one of these Aussie destination because I certainly know that I do.