The Holocaust By: Juliana Zook, lexi Borunda, Elizabeth Magda, Jace Bylinowski, Michael touhey

Books Used


Juliana- In The Garden Of Beasts

Lexi- The Nazis Officer's Wife


Jace- The Boy on the Wooden Box

Concentration Camps

Elizabeth- Jewish people were put in concentration camps and if you were a strong male you would do hard labor. If you were weak, a female, or a child you would be killed or given a different not as hard job.

Juliana- In my book the main character William Dodd had predicted Hitler was going to do something bad with of to the Jewish. He ended up killing 11 million Jewish people and others. This was when he put them into the concentration camps.

Lexi- In my book the main girl got sent to a concentration camp. She was forced into a labor camp where she had to work until she had the help of someone to escape.

Michael- In my book the main guy Elie Wiesel who was about 15 when he got into the concentration camp. The food they got was small bread and crumbs. They went on trains to get to places or they had to walk super far distances. He had to take care of his father Shlomo in order to escape

Jace- The book I read is called "The Boy on the Wooden Box". My book is about a boy named Leon Leyson and his family that lived in Poland, then his family ended up moving to Krakow because his dad got a job in a glass making factory. After a while of getting used to his new home the war started and things got complicated. And a short time later, the remaining Jews and his family were transferred to a closed off ghetto at the edge of the city. The ghetto was so crowded that there were sanitation and disease problems. However, they managed to survive until the Nazis decided it was time to purge even the ghetto. Eventually the ghetto was completely cleared out and the Jews were taken to the work camp, Plaszow. Leyson had a hard time in this camp and was afraid he would not survive.



Juliana- In my book Dodd predicts that Hitler is going to invade Poland. Because of this they send him back to the U.S. Shortly after this Hitler invades Poland and other countries. On September 01, 1939 Hitler and the Nazis' invaded Poland and took it over.

Lexi- In my book Edith is forced in to a ghetto neighborhood by the Gestapo, and later into a labor camp.Gestapo the German secret police under Nazi rule. It ruthlessly suppressed opposition to the Nazis in Germany and occupied Europe and sent Jews and others to concentration camps.


Jace- When the war started Nazis started coming into

Burning of the Books


Juliana- Burning of the books was to take knowledge away from the Jewish. In my book they do this is Germany and the other countries so no one can write against what Hitler is doing.

Lexi- In my book they thought the jewish having knowledge was power and that they could outsmart their plans. They then had days where they would burn books. In my book Hahn had to quit school to hide from being taken away


Jace- The burning of the books was not present in the book "The Boy on the Wooden Box".

Dystopic Elements


Juliana- When they burned the books they were taking away the knowledge. They were also using propaganda so the would go to the camps and so the Nazis could coverup what they were doing.



Jace- In the book "The Boy on the Wooden Box" Leon is going through some rough times because of the war. He has been forced to do some hard labor for the Nazis like build other concentration camps. The war is also affecting his health because they feed them very little portions, and make them do hard work which leads to him being very malnourished.



Juliana- In my book Hindenburg dies and Hitler declares the presidency dormant and transfers full powers to himself. This is when he starts making the camps killing the Jewish and invading other countries. Then on April 30, 1945 Hitler dies after having 11 million people killed.

Lexi- Because of Hitlers rules against the Jewish, Hahn had to be on the run for hiding purposes. This caused her to leave her schooling, family, and the town she loved.


Jace- Adolf Hitler was not present in the book "The Boy on the Wooden Box".

Created By
Jace Bylinowski, Michael Touhey, Juliana Zook, Lexi Borunda, and Elizabeth Magda b

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