Savanna By Matt cally

The Savanna biome is located between tropical rainforests and deserts. Areas like Central Africa can contain Savannas.

Areas with Savannas.

The savannah has two seasons that make up its warm climate, a wet and a dry season.

Savannas are a grassland and have grass with smaller trees scattered throughout.

You can tell that the grass is what makes up the majority of the savanna but there are trees throughout.

The way the food web works generally in the savanna is that the producers are the grass, then the primary consumer are zebras and warthogs. Then the secondary consumers are lions. In the savanna there is mainly primary producers and primary consumers because there is so much grass which is the primary producer so then the primary consumers can thrive as well.

Some examples of human threats to the savanna are: Canals, Wind Farms, Mines and Mining, Hunting and Poaching, and Solar Farms.

Here a solar farm was set up destroying part of this savanna.

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