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Dear ARK tribe,

A heartfelt thank you for your interest in ARK and support of our growing community. If this is your first newsletter from us – welcome!

With your help we will be able to encourage more people to open their homes and hearts to vulnerable kids and together we can support these incredible families to bring hope.


We celebrate that doors were opened for ARK to be interviewed on Christian stations around the country. Heather also shared inspiring, challenging messages on the radio and in churches about God refining His people in this season to reflect His love into a world in need.

We followed up with an online information session, which was attended by over 50 people and we have already linked a number of families to their local agency to begin the foster care journey – how fantastic! In addition, ARK connected with 15 church leaders to offer resources and to encourage them to share the urgent need for godly families to get involved in out-of-home care. We are totally reliant on the faithful generosity of people like you for our work and during Foster Care Week we received many generous donations, some which are ongoing, for which we are extremly grateful!

We are also fortunate to have so many exceptional carers in our nationwide network of ARK communities & the Kariuki family are no exception. Check out this wonderful interview that Lifepoint Church in Adelaide did with our ARK Community leader, Eric Kariuki on Father's Day.


This pandemic is putting families under enormous pressure and the need for out-of-home care is skyrocketing. Would you or someone you know be interested in providing a stable living environment to kids in our communities?

Our next online information session is 28th Oct at 7:30pm


We are still growing! ARK now has 13 communities across 5 states in Australia. These incredible groups have had to adapt to the changing restrictions but have been meeting online and in person in states where they can, and have been creatively supporting each other. These groups are essential for foster carers especially as many have had their children at home more than usual. If you know of a carer who needs our tribe around them, who understand the journey and have the appropriate skills to help, please let us know.


We need your help! We want to get the message out far and wide to God’s people that there is a desperate need for carers and we can support those who are doing the hard yards. Could you share ARK’s work with your friends, network and church? Become an advocate and we will send you what you need.

Steph's Story

After her first foster placement Steph wasn’t sure if she could do it again. The rollercoaster of emotions had been challenging and sadly there was a lack of understanding and support from her school and church community. She heard about ARK from a friend and we were able to connect her into a community group. She and her husband are enjoying caring for their newest family member as they have a place to be vulnerable and receive the support they need. Your gift will enable us to recruit more carers and support them to bring hope to children who desperately need it.

*based on a story from an ARK family.

Once again, we’re so grateful to have you as part of our tribe and to know you’re cheering us on, praying for ARK and championing so many kids who would otherwise not know hope.

Grace & peace

Lucas & Heather Packett

ARK Directors