The Rising Star By: Danielle Aquilina

At the bottom of the ocean there lived a mermaid who's name is Emery. Emery is a third grader at Mermaid Academy School.

The Mermaid Academy was having auditions for the annual starfish talent show. Emery and her friends could not wait to audition.

Auditions were one week away so, Emery and her friends were talking about what they were going to perform at the starfish talent show at lunch.

Melody was going to make up a dance

Chantell was going to play music with her seashell

And Emery was going to sing

With only one week until auditions, Emery and her friends practiced every day.

The week went by so fast and auditions were here and Emery was really nervous. As Emery waited her turn, she watched all of her friends audition, and soon enough it was her turn.She stood in front of three judges. The judges were her teacher, Mrs. pearl, a fifth grade teacher named Ms. Sandy and her principal, Mr. Crabinson. Emery began to sing

Emery began to sing the song, Under the Sea by the Little Mermaid. When she was done she walked off of the stage and waited for the judges to post the names of the people who will get to perform in the Annual Starfish Talent Show.

Emery felt that the judges were taking hours to post the names. As soon as the principal walked up to post the paper on the wall, Emery and her friends ran to the wall. Then Emery saw that everyones names besides hers was on the list. Emery Started to cry and waited outside for her mom to pick her up.

Emery was so upset that she did not congratulate any of her friends, and she didn't want to support them in the talent show.

When Emery's mom was tucking her in for bed, she told Emery, "Sometimes we do not always get what we want, but you do not give up. Instead you practice, try harder and hope to make it next year". Emery's mom also said, "I think it is best to be a good sport and support your friends in the Starfish Talent Show". When Emery was laying in bed, she started to think about what her mom had said. Even though Emery was sad, she realized that her mom was right.

So, the next day at school Emery congratulated her friends. She even went to the Annual Starfish Talent Show ,and every day Emery practiced singing so she could make it into the Annual Starfish Talent show next year.

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