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I'm an Artist out of Joliet, Il. Born and raised ( Just 35 minutes South of chicago ). Growing up since I could remember always liked art, as far as music , drawing, painting, anything art i liked it. My first cd I ever owned was Lil Wayne's "The Block Is Hot" , and since then he's been the biggest influence on me. I started rapping due to a friend/brother of mines, DeeQ, He was the only person i knew could actually make his own lyrics to a beat. One day I got involved and I've been crafting my sound ever since. That was back in 2006. I never had the chance to record though, until in 2009, my sophomore year in H.S., I had saved enough money to buy my first home studio setup . I actually performed for the first time that next year at our school's talent show. Since then I've been recording and editing all of my own work . A few years later , I had end up getting an iMac and got into shooting videos for a while . In between I would occasionally drop music , but always was recording. Occasionally I had also did a few shows. I opened up for Lil Herb once at Club Encore ( Chicago ) and turned around and did another show at the same place not too long after. I also did a few shows in my home town at a club named Mojos / The Tree ( Now named " The Forge" ), & also a couple Networking Talent shows ( Hosted by RealT And Lana J of Chicago's "Power 92" radio ) with a few local talents like Jo Rodeo and Locstar Dollaz . Even after I opened up a show for Polo G. & C Dot Huncho . Besides that, I released my first mixtape in 2016 titled " First Things First " and a year after my second titled " 24 The Mixtape ", . My latest project is due to release 10/18 titled " F THE WORLD " Hosted by DJ SHON ! Throughout all this I was shooting music videos as a source of income . I stopped videos out the blue one day due to the lack of focus I was putting into being an artist. It took too much time away from me recording my own music to the point I was being known as " The Video Man" . On the business side that was cool, but personally I didn't feel that ! AT ALL ! I want to be known as an artist !! The one who's IN the video NOT shooting it ! So now, Its time to go all out as I'm creating my lane to become one of many ICONIC artist. My goal is to be simply heard , I feel as if my music could talk on its own. And I don't plan on stopping until I AM HEARD ! #LLMD

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Stevie F.