Genetics and Mutations by: MAggie

The lamb down below got his mutation after scientists put chicken and duck genetics in the mother while she was pregnant causing the lamb to have a duck bill and a chicken's foot.

The mutated lamb.

When the new genetics were put into the lamb it caused the proteins to completely reconstruct and form a different foot and nose. Causing the lamb to walk funny and have a hard time trying it eat.

Protein and DNA before mutation.
Protein and DNA after mutation.
The proteins in the lamb effected the lamb by giving one the dominate genes from a chicken and duck.
The genes that the lamb received are dominant to the duck and the chicken. The duck always has a bill and a chicken always will have feet.

The mutation the lamb has is detrimental to the animal. The lamb can't walk as well with the chicken foot bigger and a lot different than a normal sheep leg. The duck bill will effect the way the lamb eats. It will be a lot harder to manage how to get food.

The lamb and its partner will most likely not pass on the duck bill or chicken foot trait. Their offspring will get the sheep characteristics and their is a slim chance that their offspring will get a chicken foot or a duck bill. The heredity of the lambs partner is is dominate to the sheep and the lamb has many sheep traits making a slim chance the offspring gets a ducks bill or a chickens foot.


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