The Way of the Knife By: Chance Padgham


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  • Title: The Way of the Knife
  • Author: Mark Mazzetti
  • Non-Fiction
  • Why did you choose the book: I chose this book because i am really interested in acquiring a job in the government whether that be law enforcement, military, or politics. I am also interested in gathering knowledge from history and the way the government, military branches handle situation especially the secretive CIA.


The way of the knife is about how agents in the CIA would track terrorists it would often tell their story and their methods on how to do so. It tells the story of how the CIA transformed shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and how they were the head on gathering intelligence and rooting out terrorism.

Application to Reality

Today many know about the current situation in the Middle East and the war against terror. The CIA would often spearhead joint-task efforts to counter terrorism at home and abroad. The president of the United States would seek information on terrorists and terrorist compounds and locations in order to either raid or dispatch a drone strike. The CIA has played roles in many conflicts throughout the past late 20th century.

How the cia works

The CIA has participated in almost all counter-terrorist efforts, including the assault on the villainous Osama Bin Laden who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks and the surface of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan. The mission was a success, on May 11, 2011 the face of terrorism was killed. The CIA is not only an anti-terrorist group they have been known for arming rebellions against local governments to further their influence on that nation, for example; the Soviets invaded Pakistan the CIA armed the local Mujaheddin rebels which would eventually lead to the rise of Al-Qaeda. Furthermore the CIA is in charge for having classified bases all over the world either to monitor or influence a nation in secret. In Libya the nation deposed leader Muammar Gadaffi which reigned for more than 40 years in a totalitarian government. The CIA had a covert base to watch for chemical weapons and weapons that would be sold to the black market, the base was understaffed and not well equipped which would lead to the 2012 Benghazi attacks. The CIA is known for influencing the president as well. The Bay of Pigs Cuba where the CIA influenced the president to conduct a covert invasion made up of Cuban rebels and exiles, which led to a humiliating defeat.


The CIA was founded in 1947 when president Harry S. Truman realized that the U.S needed a centralized intelligence agency that conducted internationally to commit and counter espionage. Throughout the Cold War the CIA collected intelligence and presenting it to the president and advising every move against hostile nations. In 2004 president George W. Bush signed the Intelligence and Terrorism prevention Act which restructured the CIA to be able to conduct counter-terrorism efforts.


I would recommend this book to everyone that has vested interest in learning more about intelligence agencies and how they work. I would also recommend this book to anyone that wishes to study the CIA possibly for a job later in life. This book goes in depth on how they pursued the suspects they were going after and explained how they changed. It is a book that is very well written, I would strongly recommend this book.


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