Florida Museum of Natural History by Vanessa Roque

My Visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History

I visited the Florida Museum of Natural History with my sister, Susana, and her friend, Brittany. There, we toured the museum, stopping at each exhibit. I really liked the feeling the exhibit pictured above evoked- the sculptures of sea life were huge in comparison to the creatures we know today and this invoked the thought of prehistoric aquatic life as well as the vastness of our oceans.

Nature on Display

inside the Butterfly Rainforest

The Butterfly Rainforest was, by far, the most enjoyable part of my visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History. Entering this exhibit I did not expect to even like the experience seeing as I am not the biggest fan of butterflies myself (flying bugs are not something I like to be around), however I was quite surprised by the vastness of this little area in the museum. The butterflies were not very active at all and I guess the cold weather was to blame, but this did not bother me- I was able to observe butterflies without worrying about my fears and I learned they are quite beautiful creatures. The exhibit itself was also very striking, lush plants and flowers with a little pond in the center housing koi fish and the like.

Fun fact: My name, Vanessa, means "butterfly" in Greek.

Nature and Ethics

The Everglades exhibit displays the dangers of human activities here on earth. The introduction of the South East Asian Burmese Pythons to the everglades has had major effects on the species list and environment. The introduction of an invasive species to a national park being caused by humans shows just how we can affect the planet in which we live.

Being from Florida myself, this exhibit caught my eye. Today's human activity is often viewed as a danger to future generations and it is, however this causes the misconception that it is not a real danger to currently living generations. We have to love this planet every day like it is its last. Simple things like recycling, reducing use of water and nonrenewable resources, not littering, etc can greatly improve the earth's condition if we all or at least most of us work together.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Calusa people exhibit (and fun fact: I am Cuban)

The Calusa people exhibit is one that I find quite interesting. It makes me think about the old ways of life and how it must have felt to live in communities like this during those time periods. The sculptures are incredible- walking in the sculpture closest to the left is even difficult to look it (his stare is unsettling to say the least). Besides the realness of the sculptures, the designs and clothing the people are wearing are very detailed and their poses are thought causing as well. The man in the middle, wearing the biggest headpiece seems to be someone of power. It makes me wonder what his people believed him to be, spiritual in nature as a lot of rulers were in earlier centuries, as well as how their hierarchy worked.

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