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“No advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform nor revolution, will ever bring mankind one millimeter closer to equality.” – George Orwell

We are in the early stages of a new economic system that fundamentally thrives on the sharing and open distribution of physical, intellectual and artistic resources. The proliferation of closed and privately held intellectual property no longer provides the greatest value to any conceivable group of stakeholders. Political and economic power is rapidly shifting from century old centralized entities to more agile, adaptable and distributed socio-economic frameworks. And, yet these innovative frameworks are rapidly acquired by the same century old entities and further entrenched in oligarchic incumbencies. Will the utopia of democratized technologies drive equality, accessibility and opportunity or will it merely be the case of one ruling class replacing another precisely as George Orwell once predicted?


The Canadian Cloud Council is the voice of technology driven socio-economic development in Canada.

Since the inception of the council in 2011, the cloud has evolved from being a disruptive technological solution to the catalyst of the sharing economies that will define the 21st Century. Cloud computing has rapidly emerged as the foundation for technological innovations that can drive a more connected, open, accessible, equal and sustainable society. But, like every resource in every previous wave of innovation, the technologies, economics and societies built on the cloud also risk becoming the exclusive preserve of a select few; shifting control from one generation of oligarchs to another, and keeping the vast majority of humanity consigned to their role as passive consumers; with no control over their destinies and no agency over their future.

Our emerging generation is hungering for a clear and common sense of purpose, but can we offer them one? Can the digital economy be rebooted to serve not just the top 1% of the top 1% but to serve the future of humanity? Can we finally reconcile growth with equality, profits with people, economics with environment? Can innovation finally serve the greater good?

These are the questions that the Canadian Cloud Council seeks to answer as we strive to push elected officials, corporations, entrepreneurs and civic society into a more meaningful engagement aimed at breaking down the barriers of incumbency and committing to a more free and equal society; a society built on the endless possibilities of technology driven innovation.



Our Digital Consulate is composed of some of the greatest minds of our generation. We work in close collaboration each year to create a deep, thoughtful, educational and bleeding edge narrative; a codex of content that attracts an extraordinarily senior audience of C-level executives, policy makers and world-changers; many of whom have never travelled to Canada for any other event in the past.

The content, speakers, audience and networking opportunities at our events are quite simply unparalleled. We would confidently hold them up to any other technology conference anywhere else in the world. And we are completely enterprise focussed. If you are looking to participate in yet another start-up technology conference; this isn’t it.

We value the impact our content has on advancing the Canadian technology ecosystem for the greater good of all of its citizens. As such, speaking opportunities, sponsored event content, sales pitches and exhibition space are simply not for sale - at any cost.

Here is what is for sale.


The 2019th edition of Permanence will be held at the Art Gallery of Alberta in Downtown Edmonton on March 28, 2019. Permanence is a C-level, invitation only, once in a lifetime event examining the role of enterprise technology in advancing the human race.

A base event sponsorship starts at $2,995 CAD until September 30, 2018 and increases to $4,995 CAD on October 1, 2018. Tickets to the conference are available by invitation only to Canadian Cloud Council Digital Consulate members, Guests of Honour and Corporate Sponsors. No general admission tickets will be sold.

A base sponsorship includes all of the following core benefits:

- Five full event passes for staff, partners and/or customers. The full event passes include admission to the main conference program, breakfast, lunch, refreshments and evening cocktail party.

- Up to three additional tickets will be made available to each Corporate Sponsor at the cost of $495 CAD each.

- Logo recognition on Permanence event website, marketing material, onsite signage and press material

- Sponsored breakfast, coffee or lunch break (available on a first come first basis)

In addition to these core benefits, the Corporate Sponsor may choose to add on any number of creative, value differentiating benefits. These benefits may include any of the following but are only limited to the creative limits of the heart, soul and mind.


- Hosting and sponsorship recognition of “Embassy” - The Canadian Cloud Council’s annual Digital Consulate luncheon and dinner at Permanence

- Breakfast or lunch or learn session

- Hosted industry consultation or roundtable discussion

- Canadian Cloud Council facilitated 1:1 executive meetings with conference VIP's

- Branded Social Media or Digital Lounge

- Sponsored cocktail reception

- Sponsored pre-event cocktail reception or after-party

- Sponsored and hosted plated dinner for all conference delegates

- Sponsored off-site community or team building activities

- Sponsored hackathon

- Branded lanyards

- Branded charging station

- Branded wi-fi

- Sponsored reception area

- Branded SWAG

- Opportunity to host local community event leading up to Permanence

- Title sponsorship recognition


- Sponsored thought leadership content on Canadian Cloud Council website

- Sponsored thought leadership content throughout Canadian Cloud Council partner ecosystem - IT World Canada, Betakit, Forbes etc.

- Opportunity to participate in Canadian Cloud Council controlled special industry reports - including but not limited to: The Globe and Mail, The Future Economy, National Post, The Wall Street Journal and The Walrus


Let’s go for a coffee or get on the phone and have a real-life, collaborative conversation about how your organization can extract the most possible value of your event and media budget this year. Gone are the days of one size fits all, cookie cutter sponsorship programs that provide nominal value to no-one in particular. Many of our media projects are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and many of our event speakers and attendees you will never have the opportunity to meet again.

Now is your chance to act, educate, engage and (re)position your brand as a one of enterprise technology’s true industry leaders. Every second counts.



The Canadian Cloud Council is founded in Calgary, Alberta by current CEO and Chair Robert Brennan Hart; with the objective of “advancing Canada’s cloud computing industry and building a more open, competitive and accessible Canadian technology ecosystem.”


The organization is incorporated as a national not-for-profit under Industry Canada. Inaugural board members include Chris Moore, Former CIO of City of Edmonton; Javier Lozano, Former CIO of Calgary Airport Authority; Jim Clarke, Former CIO of Savanna Energy; Martin Kratz, Senior Partner at Bennett Jones and Alistair Croll, Founding Parter of Year One Labs. The organization hosts its first two major conferences in Edmonton and Ottawa and becomes recognized as Canada’s preeminent cloud industry association by Forbes, Toronto Star, The National Post and other major media publications.


The Council hosts its third major conference “Cloud Matters” in Banff, Alberta and is recruited by the Treasury Board of Canada to develop a substantial set of policy recommendations related to the Government of Canada’s long term cloud computing legislation. John Cousens, VP Public Sector Canada at SalesForce, and Canadian Cloud Council board member presents these recommendations to the House of Commons; several of which become foundational components of the government’s long term cloud roadmap; even to this day. Robert Brennan Hart is named as one of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 as a result of his work the the council.


The Cloud Factory, one of the most notable technology conferences ever held in Canada is staged by The Council in Banff and kicks off a long continuum of globally recognized events. Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMWare and Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat deliver public keynotes in Canada for the very first time along with Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board of Canada and the CTO’s of PayPal and NY Times. The event’s open source friendly debate is covered in TechCrunch and VentureBeat and VMware joins the OpenStack Foundation immediately following the event; forever shifting the shape and evolution of the foundation.


The Canadian Cloud Council launches Interzone; one of the most well attended independent enterprise technology conferences in the history of Canada. Steve Wozniak, the CEO’s of Citrix, WorkDay, NetApp and CTO’s of Twitter, Harvard University and GoDaddy all speak at the conference and Robert Brennan Hart is recognized by the United Nation’s Foundation as one of the globe’s Top 70 Digital Leaders; a designation he still holds today.


The second edition of Interzone is held in Vancouver; featuring the CEO’s of SAP and Hootsuite and the Mayor of Vancouver. SAP’s investment in the Vancouver community is accelerated as a result of the conversations at the event. The Council continues to be recognized as a major industry leader in the media; with several major publications being released in The Toronto Star, Sync, National Post and others.


After expanding the organization’s digital council across the globe and recruiting Robert Herjavec as honorary event chair, the Canadian Cloud Council returned to Edmonton for the inaugural edition of the association’s new flagship event – Control. Control brought to to the stage the presidents of Ceridian and Palo Alto Networks and Former CTO of US Department of Homeland Security and will be coming to Calgary in November. Control is one of the last remaining live forums for independent, unbiased and unfiltered discussions about the future of technology and is quickly becoming the preeminent enterprise technology event in Canada. Through an ever expanding group of media, government and community partnerships, the Canadian Cloud Council has become the voice of disruptive technology in Canada.


Top 10 Speakers

Steve Wozniak [Cofounder, Apple]

Bill McDermot [CEO, SAP]

Bruce Croxon [Founder, Lavalife; CBC's Dragon's Den]

Hon. Grego Robertson [Mayor, City of Vancouver]

Mark Templeton [CEO, Citrix]

Pat Gelsinger [CEO, VMware]

Jim Whitehurst [CEO, RedHat]

Michelle Dennedy [CPO, Cisco]

Michelle Zatlyn [CoFounder, Cloudflare]

James Barrese [CTO, Paypal]

Top 10 Media Partners

New York Times

Los Angeles Times


Toronto Star

Calgary Sun

Sync Magazine

Alberta Venture

Media Planet


Venture Beat


“The Canadian Cloud Council has set the new standard for enterprise technology conferences. By coupling world class speakers and networking opportunities with unparalleled content, they have created a truly unique, once in a lifetime conference experience.” - Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP

“The Canadian Cloud is the final remaining forum for frank, independent and deliberately intellectual discussion about the future of technology.” - Joshua McKenty, CTO of Pivotal

“Permanence is the finest technology conference in North America. Raw, unbridled, educational, deep and highly entertaining.” - Josh Crumb, Cofounder of GoldMoney

“The Canadian Cloud Council have created an earth-shattering movement unlike any other. Their narrative is consistently months if not years ahead of its time.” Bruce Croxon, Founder of Round 13

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