Gideon vs. Wainwright By: Hailey wainwright and makenlee bevan

BACKGROUND: In 1963, the supreme court ruled that the Constitution requires the states to provide defense attorneys to criminal defendants charged with serious offenses who could not afford lawyers (the 5th amendment). Clarence Earl Gideon was arrested for breaking into a Florida pool hall and complained that his trial was not fair because he didn't have an attorney.

SIDE ONE: People accused Gideon of criminal misdemeanors, however he was provided a lawyer for his criminal court case.

SIDE TWO: Gideon argued that he didn't have a fair trial and referred to the 5th amendment and he was allowed a more fair trial.

THE DECISION: The U.S Supreme Court overturned his conviction and proved him guilty.

How did affected the laws of the Country: Gideon broke the law by breaking into Florida pool hall and that's how it affects the laws of the country.


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