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WISEdash Local provides its members a secure data warehouse and customized dashboard displays for administrators, principals, and teachers.

Our dashboards are used for analyzing district, school, and student performance data as well as financial and human resources data.

A few things to get you started:

  • Our consortium model is owned and operated by our member districts.
  • Your students' data security and privacy is our priority in decision making. We are not connected to the state's dashboards in any way. **Often, several member districts' counsel review documentation prior to making decisions to ensure FERPA compliance and the privacy of student data.
  • Our revenue is generated primarily by student enrollment-based membership fees. WISEdash Local's goal is to continue to lower the cost to our members as we grow.

The larger the consortium,

the smaller the cost per student.

WISEdash Local's data is updated every night.

You have access to your historical data through yesterday, every morning.

Making the Connection with WISEdash Local

WISEdash Local's data warehouse connects directly to your student information system. After onboarding, your Student Information System (SIS) data is pulled nightly through an automated process.

There is no additional work for your staff.

Assessment data files that are not included on your SIS are uploaded to a secure location. Your staff can simply drag and drop the file into our folder. WISEdash Local staff then loads it onto our dashboard where you can

easily view and analyze


WISEdash Local offers in-depth detail on assessments. You can view district-wide scores and school scores all the way down to individual student scores.

On the student profile page you can compare individual assessment strands over time to watch your students' progress.

Assessment Strand Trends for Teachers

Give teachers the data they need to be effective in the classroom. We've developed dashboards that can drill to individual assessment strands for student performance in a classroom.

Watch your students reach their potential


District-wide down to individual classroom and student. You can now analyze grades with a new perspective in WISEdash Local.

Compare grades to assessments

Behavior Incidents

Get a clearer picture of what behaviors are happening inside your district. Know when, where, referrer, referred, and types of incidents occurring.

Discover more about your students' behavior to begin to plan for and actively address the issues your school faces every day.

Early Warning Flags

WISEdash Local's Early Warning Indicators identify not only increased risk students, but all students. So when you begin to filter based on district defined parameters, the results identify all students falling under your criteria.

Multiple Risk Factors

Early Warning also offers several related dashboards including cross domain, shown here, where related risk factors identify students falling under both categories at different risk levels.


Teachers can easily identify students in urgent need of intervention on the teachers' dashboards.

Student Programs

Watch your students grow with our RTI and Program dashboards.

Drag and Drop

CUSTOMIZATION of Graphs & a Custom Data Wall

WISEdash Local also features Ad Hoc queries.

For example, if a staff member wants to cross four risk factors against all fourth graders, we can achieve that with Ad Hoc. Your district has access to all of the data stored in the data warehouse based on their security level.

Security at WISEdash Local

Your district controls access to your data. For example, if a new user is given access as a teacher at your district, the new user would only see the dashboards teachers are allowed to see at your district, and only the students assigned to their roster.

Even if a staff member accidentally shared data with another staff, WISEdash Local will only share the students that each user has security clearance for, automatically.

Organized Data Dashboards for Student Learning

What is your district looking for? We offer the best software available, EdVantage. We offer ownership in our consortium, shared resources, and district-led upgrades. We offer custom benchmarks and indicators, customized dashboards, and customized training to meet your individual district's needs.

Customize your district's future

Information Sessions

What questions would you try to answer with data at your district: trends you might look for, top performers, your district's parameters for intervention, and potential student groups to follow over the course of a year or longer?

Prepare questions regarding daily operation changes: what types of reports would you need from WISEdash Local, will you be able to complete new, unique reports on WISEdash Local, and what locations are you currently pulling data from and how often?

Prepare a name and email list of the participants you would like to have access to our Demo Site! This allows us to prepare and test the credentials prior to your session. Our Demo Site offers scrubbed data for demonstration and training purposes and is the same software as our live dashboards.

We look forward to meeting you!

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