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I think war is when people fight for a reason. When soldiers fight for there countries rights, freedom, power or anything.

In World War II, people in those countries probably felt scared, unsure, nervous or harmed. They probably felt as if there country was shrinking because of death. They could hear the firing of bullets and guns.


I think neighbors are close friends. They are people that live close, in the same neighborhood, next door, across the street and diagonal.

If there would be a war in my neighborhood I would be very scared. I would stay with parents and help with what they needed me to. Our neighborhood is very close so I think we would all get together and create a plan.

Number the stars

I think Number The Stars is going to be about World War II. I think it we be a characters point of view that is not fighting in the war but is involved because it takes place where he lives, possibly in his neighborhood.

Literary Analysis

Mama says "Be one of many." I think this means that she doesn't want the soldiers to recognize Annemarie and Ellen because they might be on a "list" or something like that. They could also get in big trouble by the guards and that could possibly cause them to die or get injured. I think she says this because she wants Annemarie and Ellen to understand that they should not run around like that anymore or they will get in deep trouble.

Annemarie said all of Denmark should be a bodyguard for all the Jews. What would it look like if it actually happened? I think that it would be very interesting, just all of Denmark protecting the Jews and not letting any guards take there businesses, homes, food, supplies and families away. If it does happen, I think it would be very polite, nice and thoughtful of Denmark to do that.I think that Annemarie will try to help Ellen by giving her simple stuff if her fathers job gets taken away.

Annemarie felt gifted or grateful at the end of chapter 3. She said that she was happy to be an ordinary kid unlike Ellen. At that moment, I would also be that happy that I was not Jewish and they were not going to try and attack me.

She felt similar at the end of chapter 5. Soldiers were just searching their house and Annemarie was happy and glad that she was not Jewish like Ellen.

The Star Of David can describe and symbolize Annemarie and Ellen’s relationship because Ellen is Jewish. The Star Of David is a special symbol and part of Ellen’s religion. Now Annemarie has it printed onto her hand so whenever she looks at it she can be reminded of Ellen and that moment.


We just read that Jews gathered at Uncle Henrik’s house. Early in the morning, Annemarie’s Mama, Peter and Henrik led the Jews to the boat to go to Sweden. Annemarie was home alone and Mama said she would be back at 3:30 but she wasn’t. Annemarie saw a dark heap lying on the ground and went outside to find out it was Mama. She had broken her ankle. Annemarie found a packet that Mr. Rosen had. She then had to hide it in a basket with food and take it to Peter. She sprinted down the large windy path and got stopped by three guards with two dogs. I predict that the guards will ask her questions, look through the basket and find the packet. I think that they will look through the packet. We don’t know what is in the packet, but I think it is something secret and special, that can change the story.


Man vs. Man

At the beginning of the book, Kirsti was arguing with the soldier. She, Ellen and Annemarie were stopped by the soldier on the corner of the street. Kirsti was yelling at him and hit his hand. Kirsti didn't learn anything, and the soldier was never spoken of again in the book, but I don't think he learned anything from the conflict either.

I know that this is an example of a Man vs. Man conflict because Kirsti was arguing against a soldier. So basically it was one man vs. another man.

Man Vs. self

At the beginning of the book, Annemarie was by herself in her bedroom and she couldn't decide wether she would die to protect the king, or not. Earlier that day her father had said that all of Copenhagen is the kings body guard and they all would die to protect him, but Annemarie was not sure. Annemarie learned that she wasn't sure of she wasn't as generous as some of the other people in Copenhagen.

This is a Man vs. Self conflict, because she was making a decision.

Man vs.nature

Towards the end of the book, Annemarie had to take a secret package to Uncle Henrik because her mother had a broken ankle, so she couldn't. It was very early in the morning and Annemarie couldn't see. She could only see a few feet in front of her. This conflict didn't teach Annemarie any lesson.

I know this is an example of a Man vs. Nature conflict because the darkness outside is controlled by nature, no man can change it no matter how hard they try.

Man vs. society

At the end of the book, mama told Annemarie about how Lise truly died. Lise and Peter were part of the resistance. They were fighting against the Nazi's. She had later been hit by a car and died that way. Peter learned that fighting for the country's rights was dangerous, but yet important.

I know that this an example of Man vs. Society because Peter, Lise and a few others were fighting against a huge group of people.


the most you can do in life is be brave.

This means that the thing that makes people love you more or admire you is being brave.

End: If Annemarie wouldn't of shown her bravery at the end of the book while returning the packet, the Jews wouldn't of been able to be free.

Beginning: Annemarie was very brave while she ripped of the necklace of Ellen's. If she would of been caught, she could of been killed, and if Ellen was still wearing it, she could of been killed.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky and Stocky

"She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie." (page 1)

Based on this sentence, stocky sounds like the word stiff, and lanky sound like the word loose. These word are describing characters's looks.

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means bulky or thickset.

Suffix:-y, relating to or filled with: other word: messy, cheesy and lucky.


"Wait for me!" Wailed little Kirsti, left behind, but the older girls weren't listening. (pg. 2)

Based on the sentence, wailed sounds like the word whine. This word is describing a characters feelings.

Wailed means to cry of pain, grief or anger.


"Three years, Annemarie thought in contempt." (pg. 3)

Based on this sentence, contempt sound like complain. This word is describing a characters feelings.

Contempt means disapproval and disgust.


"Stand still. Kirsti, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that somehow the obstinate five-year-old would get the message." (pg. 4)

Based on the sentence, obstinate sounds like the word stubborn. This word describes a character and its traits.

Obstinate means stubborn.


"But Annemarie heard Mama and Papa talk, sometimes at night about the news they received that way: news of sabotage against the Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad lines damaged so that the goods couldn't be transported." (pg. 8)

Based on the sentence, sabotage sounds like the word smash. This word describes an action.


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