Liberty University Men's Basketball Performance

Athletic Development


Every Rep.

Every Set.

Every Day.

Give My Very Best.

Accountability with Discipline.

In training EVERY DETAIL ADDS UP. We take great pride in our system from assessment to training prescription. Our mission is to improve performance while decreasing the likelihood and severity of injury. We understand that every athlete presents unique needs, abilities and limitations. Our ultimate aim is to meet individual goals with individualized training.



Our integrated sports performance team consists of strength & conditioning coaches, sports medicine staff, a sports nutritionist, our academic and athletic enhancement team in addition to our exercise science and psychology departments.

Our Performance Pillars

Integrated Sports Performance Team

WE over Me.

Audience of ONE.

BIGGER than a game.

We believe in teaching and learning foundational PRINCIPLES.

We believe in the pursuit of MASTERY through PRACTICE.

We believe in PROGRESS over perfection.

Achieving your best involves the constant management of many variables. Our Performance Ecosystem is the foundation for what we believe drives elite performance.

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Henry Barrera

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