Freedom Isn't Free By Trey Parker

Team America: World Police Soundtrack

2005 | Comedy


“What would you do, if someone told you to fight for freedom? -- Would you answer the call or run away like a little pussy? -- 'Cause the only reason that you're here is 'cause folks died for you in the past. -- So maybe now it's your turn, to die kicking some ass.”


  • This song was written by Trey Parker for the film, Team America: World Police.
  • Quentin Tarantino put Team America: World Police in a list of top 20 films released since his career began in 1992.
  • Team America earned $12,120,358 its opening weekend, ranking 3rd behind Shark Tale and Friday Night Lights.


Luke Tatum

Obviously there's a lot to this satirical country rock song, but I want to delve into this bit: "Freedom isn't free; It costs folks like you and me; And if we don't all chip in; We'll never pay that bill." This strikes a nerve for me, because it suggests--intentionally or not--that we got this freedom on credit. We're paying a bill, not maintaining something real. That's a very interesting mindset. After all, we're the police of the world. Spreading democracy, "freedom," and "capitalism" around the world. It's like the person who wrote these lyrics is actually aware of the national debt, which seems nothing more than an awkward transition away from being completely forgotten.

Sherry Voluntary

This parody of the mindset of the “Patriot” crowd, is hilarious. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some jackass defending some atrocious military action with the phrase “freedom isn’t free.” No it’s not, but the US hasn’t fought for freedom in a long damned time. If those people really cared about freedom they’d be marching in the streets to bring the American murder machine home and do some house cleaning here where it’s really needed, but they don’t, because it’s not really about freedom, it’s about stroking their egotistical American hubris. The hard line truth that they refuse to see is that the biggest threat to freedom here and abroad is most often the US government that they give every pass and make every excuse for. If it’s their guy in office then we’re “dropping bombs for freedom,” if it’s the other teams guy then it’s some kind of travesty, that they can use to defend their chosen tyrant when he commits mass murder. I have absolutely zero respect for these intellectually dishonest pieces of trash and love to mock them just as this song has, every chance I get. They are partly responsible for the suffering and instability around the world and it’s up to people like us to enlighten them, mock them, and shame them for their shameful attitudes.

Nicky P

"What would you do, if someone told you to fight for freedom? Would you answer the call or run away like a little pussy?" I can here my little brother's friends from high-school in this quote. It would be one of the most hysterical sentences I've ever heard if not for the echo's in reality. Growing up in one of the poorest counties in New York State, way out in the boonies, put me in close proximity with a lot of people that really believe this pap. I spent a few years where I thought I might be a leftist because of the way "conservatives" represent their position. Ultimately I've just always been an anarchist, but I'll never forget the lessons I learned from these people and their hubris of the other variety. Blue leftists dehumanize Christians and red leftists dehumanize everyone not wrapped up in their sky cloth. We're seeing the end game of blind hatred in our society now. I fear for the world my daughter was born into. Now get off my lawn.

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Nicky P

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