Elephants M.e. and Emma

The African elephant is the largest land animal. It has two large ears shaped like Africa. They are a grayish brown and have a long trunk. Their trunk has two "fingers" on it. Asian elephants have one. They also use them to breathe and communicate. They also have large ivory tusks.

Elephants live in Africa. More specifically, they live in the Congo Basin and Coastal East Africa. They migrate annually to the Okavango Delta. It is a perilous journey that baby elephants often die on. Elephants need water and 300-400 pounds of food daily.

In China, it is a status symbol to have ivory. Therefore, Africans, who desperately need the money for their families, are paid to kill the elephants and get the ivory. Luckily, the ivory trade between Africa and China became illegal just last year.

Elephants are proven to experience many emotions similar to humans. Females are known to stay with deceased loved one for hours sometimes days and starve themselves. They even ¨cry¨.

Elephants are expected to be extinct within the next 9 years. They are very important, and amazing animals and the world does not deserve this loss.

In order to prevent their extinction, we are doing lots of things. One thing we are doing is ending ivory trade. Another thing, which is a new but genius idea, is to dye their tusks. This makes it so it is visible that the ivory bought is illegal. Also, it is considered ruined because it is not its priceless silky white color. A third thing we are doing is making and funding orphanages for babies. In Nairobi National Park in Nairobi, Kenya, they have a very big, famous one. You can ADOPT an elephant there. By doing this you are helping paying for its needs and you get daily updates.

Elephants are in danger of extinction. Their last days are coming up quick and the expected end year is getting earlier. Please help this endangered species. For more information visit https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/aug/12/elephants-on-the-path-to-extinction-the-facts


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