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Martin Antonius

Since Martin Antonius was born into family of artists, he started drawing as soon as he could hold a crayon.

His first major inspiration was the art of Hieronymus Bosch. However, the turning point was a visit to the Joan Miro´ Museum on Mallorca. From that time on, he took up painting seriously, and developed his own unique style.

Martin Antonius usually creates his paintings spontaneously, directly on canvas, without prior sketches. This gives his art a unique authenticity.

"CATS" acrilic on canvas
Martin Antonius
Martin & Ella Antonius
"Cactus - 1"
Martin in his studio
Edsvik gallery Stockholm
The COW ON the cactus

When Martin Antonius was six years old, he suffered from the onset of a rare disease, Spastic Paraplegia, which affects motor skills in the lower limbs. At first he had to give up skiing and cycling and eventually stopped walking.

"A Wheelchair"


"Bayonette Macka"
"Trollslända" (DRAGONFLY) acrylic on canvas - April 2018
"Krokodilen" acrylic on canvas - April 2018

Martin Antonius and his enchanting pictures engraved on glass.

Martin Antonius

Recently Martin Antonius has become interested in ceramics.

Martin Antonius design
Martin & Ella Antonius
Martin & Ella Antonius
Martin & Ella Antonius
Matin Antonius ceramics cats - a new project.
ceramic TILE by Martin Antonius

2018 July -November The newest ceramics by Martin Antonius - Design.

French Butter Dish. Martin Antonius design

Martin Antonius

Martin Antonius exhibited his paintings in galleries in Sweden, Poland and Spain. His paintings are in private art collections in New York, Paris, Marbella and also on Mallorca, in Sweden, Austria, Germany, Denmark and Spain.

We have recently been working on a book with drawings by Martin. This is a project for the cover.

Fairy tales by Martin Antonius
  • Martin invites you into his colorful world full of humor and positive energy.

Martin Antonius from 2th October 2019 at Gallery DeBernardo. Sweden. Stockholm. Upplandsgatan 57.


galleri debernardo. Stockholm. Upplandsgatan57
Martin Antonius ceramics.

to be continued...

If you like what you see, if you want to buy Martin Antonius` ART, let´s connect! We would love to hear from you! You can reach Martin at: r.antonius@gmail.com

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