Intro to Art Portfolio Emily erlbacher

(The background behind my title is my Impasto painting done in the first semester of Intro to Art.)

I decided to take Intro to Art because I was never really good at art before. I knew that this class would teach me many lessons and I would learn methods that I could take into my everyday life. I was expecting to learn basic drawing stategies and also about important artists.

Drawing Strategies

We studied all four of the drawing strategies. The first one was edges and contours.

This is a drawing using the edges and contours drawing strategy. It was a blind contour drawing of one of my classmates.
This is a drawing using the spaces drawing strategy. It is a bicycle wheel I drew using only negative space.
I drew this ceiling using the sighting strategy. This used the relationship and proportions drawing strategy.
This is a painting of vases where I really focused on getting the shadows right using the lights and shadows drawing strategy.

Out of these four drawing strategies, I learned the most from the edges and contour drawing strategy becasue I think it caused my drawings to improve the most. At the beginning of the year, while playing Pictionary, Mrs. Langenfeld said that I was the queen of using symbols to draw. I learned to draw what I actually see not what I think I see.

Improving my drawing strategies

In order: I drew the first picture on the first day of class and after studying art for awhile, I drew the second hand.

I think the two pictures above are an accurate representation of how my drawing skills have improved this year. They are both hands but the first picture sticks to the paper while the second hand seems to jump off and look three dimensional. Another way my drawing skills have improved is that I learned how to use charcoal so I am not always limited to regular pencil.

My fragmented self portrait, using chiaroscuro.

Chiaroscuro is an Italian term that means contrast of light and dark to give the illusion of space. I think that my fragmented self-portrait, the picture above, is a good example of chiaroscuro.

Portrait Drawings

In order: this is my first day drawing, my test run of my self portrait, and then my final fragmented self portrait.

In regards to my self portraits, I think that I most improved my nose. It looks more life-like towards the end. I also think that I improved when I got my features to look like me instead of just a basic human face. I know where everything should go, like my eyes go in the middle, instead of where they appear to be, which is more towards the top.


I wish that I could redo my cross- hatching picture. I think that I got better as I went but since you can't erase during cross hatching, I had to keep what I had, even though it was kind of bad. If I could start over, it would be a lot better because I know what I am doing. I also wish that I had more time on my test run self portrait because looking back at it I see many spots that I should have fixed.

Cross hatching!
Self portrait!

Areas with the most improvement

I have seen the most improvement in my color use and knowledge and through my attitude. Coming into Intro to Art, I didn't know anything about primary and secondary colors. I didn't know what a tone was either but now I know all about colors. I also so an improvement in my attitude because the first few days I did not look forward to coming to art class because I didn't like anything I drew but now it is one of my favorites.

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