Perspective Project K.VanKeuren

Cityscape #1

My first cityscape was definitely not successful. It was very unbalanced and all the objects seemed to merge together. There is no gradation or variety all of the shapes were similar and there was no contrast or different sizes throughout the image.

Working on one point perspective
Second cityscape

In my second cityscape there is a greater visual of proportion throughout the drawing. The image is quite harmonious and it all looks to go very well together as well as being balanced with shapes and colors. With a sunset as the background and two buildings lining the street along with trees and light posts.

This cityscape was quite successful in the fact that I was able to accomplish a balance of shapes and everything comes together nicely and the colors show gradation and the slow transition from light colors to dark in the sunset.

Working on Fantasy Building
Final drawing

1.Before the assignment I didn’t know much about impressionist painters and pointillism. All I knew was that it was a different way to make artwork besides just the typical water color or paint.

2. One technique I learned while working on this project was making purposeful markings. Meaning that every line and dot was placed in a certain spot for a specific reason. Its function is a two story house designed with the markings of specific movie/books.

3. Pointillism is the technique of specifically placing marks/dots which become blended by the viewers’ eye. In my drawing I used a mix of long and short and thin or thick lines.

4. The impressionist painters were trying to accomplish working with color theory, but with their own unique styles. And exploring the aspects of the impressionist style as well.

Favorite Impressionist Painting

5. I picked a painting named Road with Cypress and Star, which was created in 1890 by the famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

6. The painting Road with Cypress and Star is created by Vincent van Gogh. Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853. He was trying to accomplish a reflection that he would soon die showing the crescent moon as bright meaning new life and a fading star meaning death and the tree separating the two as well as two mens travels and it being dominated by the Cypress tree.

7. This painting shows a lot of movement and variety. The variety can be seen through out the painting in color and shapes and sizes. It also has a very good balance of light and dark colors.

8.The reason I like this painting is because its simple, but busy at the same time. I enjoy how you can feel some kind of emotion coming from the painting. There isn't much that I dislike about this painting it all looks incredible. I believe Vincent van Gogh did a brilliant job on this painting you can tell he put forth the time and effort and really used his heart and soul. I believe others should see this work because everyone can have a different idea on what he was trying to say in the painting. I'm not really sure what others would say about it, it depends on your own life experiences and how they feel about the world. It's hard to say what grade he would get without knowing the story behind it, but i would probably give him an A not only for how amazing his artwork is, but how much effort was put into it. If I owned this painting i would hang it where I could see it everyday, but make sure it was protected well. I think the man behind the painting is worth remembering it for, and everything he went through in his life.

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