Healthy Relationships By Halle Koogler


To prevent bad family relationships follow your family rules and show appreciation for your family.

Always try resolve your conflict in the early stages so it doesn't escalate in violence and fighting. Conflict usually starts based on one event so if you can come to a compromise on that one thing your conflict will be resolved earlier and prevent violence.

Compromising is one way to solve conflict. Each side can give up something and find a compromise that is in between both of their ideas so that it is doable for people.
Unhealthy relationships involve fighting and usually the household becomes tense.
You should always try to prevent conflict at all costs. Families are one of the most if not THE most valued and important relationship in someones life. Conflict is never fun and it destroys relationships. Remember to view both points of views and find a compromise.

Remember to stay happy and healthy in all your relationships!


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