PRESIDENT IN ONE ROUND What were the motives for organizing the murder of the Heavenly Hundred?

Today I read the article : “President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko together with his wife Marina paid tribute to the Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds.” The body was brought to the monument to squeeze the tears out. It was three years ago that the first Euromaidan activists were killed and became the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred.

Over the time, more and more new facts about the events on the Maidan and the Crimea occupation that followed them emerged. The facts are in an unusual picture. A full description of the whole sequence of events, with the analysis of facts and cause-effect relationships, with a clock-based layout, will require a whole book. In which the reference (bibliography) will take a significant amount. I will try here very briefly, briefly state my own version of events. I want to pay attention – all the statements below are easily verified (goose, if there is time) and are confirmed.

Part 1. Bankrupt.

Everyone knows that the invasion of Ukraine, Russia was preparing for a long time and thoroughly. And it was not the only scenario to take over the Ukraine. Vast sums were thrown to the creation of separatist organizations in Ukraine. Finally, there was the conflict on the island of Tuzla – a kind of reconnaissance – probing the reaction of both Ukraine and the international community on the planned aggression. The very fact of the presence of Russian special forces on the Maidan is a testament to Russia’s active participation in the events on the Maidan. Which pursued its own, well-understood objectives – a division of Ukraine on the so-called “People’s Republics.” (The so-called “decentralization,” changes to the Constitution of Ukraine, then the push is already president Poroshenko).

Let’s go back to the end of October 2013. Political consultant Gleb Pavlovsky give Surkov a prediction of what will be happened in Ukraine – Yanukovych will lose in the second round, half of the candidates in 2015. Then, Kremlin decided to help Yanukovich to lose the upcoming elections. (And it contributed to losing, only in a peculiar way).

In December 2013 the balance itself, in general terms, Yanukovych was already well known. There is well-known footage of the meeting and public dialogue, Yanukovych and Putin to prove it.

Apparently, instead of Yanukovych, the Kremlin considered various candidates to be a head of “Ukraine project.” One of them was Vitali Klitschko. During the trial, Firtash expressly declares that he has promoted Klitschko as a presidential candidate and supported his party. He allegedly was disappointed in Yanukovych and saw in the athlete an alternative.

Petro Poroshenko was preparing to become president of Ukraine long before Euromaidan in November 2013, but only the revolution has made these plans real.

The fact that Yanukovych bankrupted Poroshenko was no secret … Petero was the first who Yanukovych bankrupted, but the rest of oligarchs have not very good feeling. And the notorious Russian sanctions during Yanukovych times, first it was the Ukrainian cheese, then Petro’s sweets. (So it is quite clear for Poroshenko that with so many debts, he won’t be able to sell his business, as well as the fact that for Poroshenko business will be in the first place. And is also necessary to give the sponsors money back).

Besides, the Poroshenko’s candy business in Russia demanded huge cash injections. It was a deliberate and well-developed marketing and advertising campaign. In this campaign, huge amounts of money have been invested. Probably with borrowed money.

On the web, there are a lot of references to the Roshen problem he tried to solve with the help of the Rothschilds. The company Rothschild & Co operates globally, in particular in Ukraine and Russia. And, if one wishes, he/she can find a lot of juicy details on its activities on the internet.

Thus, Poroshenko was bankrupt, and its commitment was over one billion two hundred thousand dollars, and the assets are less than eight hundred thousand, and he could not even pay the interest.

He had a motive. But with the 3% popularity, he would not able to jump up ever. In the summer of 2013, when his approval rating did growing up, he gathered a group of political strategists, journalists who asked the same question: “how from 3% one can get at least 10% “?

November 30, 2013, with the knowledge of Liovochkin, the beating of the students on the Maidan happened.

(Video below: Kolomoisky is telling Nayem: “Lyovochkin knew in advance about the acceleration of Maidan” 30.11.2013)

Lyovochkin and Firtash, in conjunction with Nalyvaychenko, began to play the game, “Yanukovych-Klitschko.” ( And all the other more peaceful scenario, would be passed on “dogovornyak” Klitschko ). Poroshenko took hold of the revolution as a chance for. And the scene with a bulldozer was frankly staged. (The web has a lot of material on who exactly drove the tractor on Bankova).

The fact that he pulled off the bulldozer did not stop him. (The guy who was pulling him down, later died in ATO).

If you look for Poroshenko’s media activity, he began to retreat into the shadows at the end of January 2014. A noteworthy fact – on February 9, 2014, Bernard-Henri Lévy already spoke on the Maidan.

Probably for the first time on the actual role of Bernard-Henri Lévy in the events of Independence drew a group called “The Tribunal of Bloody Ashes.” By members of this group made a film “#puzzles of the Sniper of the Maidan“, which I highly recommend for viewing. (Although I don’t agree with all the statements of the authors of the film, the facts are worthy of attention).

But there is one interesting fact: Bernard-Henri Lévy – is a close friend of the Rothschild’s family. (Just those whom Poroshenko owed money). Pieces of evidence of this fact are on the web, and not just a lot, but plenty!

It is what Bernard-Henri Lévy writes about Poroshenko: “Let’s to add to this small but glorious company people-symbols the name of Poroshenko, unknown, which I found on the Maidan, and then took him to Paris, and who became very soon the political and military leader, a man who is not inferior to Putin at a time when all or almost all bow before him. ”

The question is, for what purpose the messenger of Rothschilds coups Specialist Bernard-Henri Lévy “found on the Maidan” the “obscure” Poroshenko?

In this same quote is the reply, that Poroshenko would be “very soon a political and military leader.” Bernard-Henri Lévy solves the problem well! – By using blood shading techniques. A lot of blood.

Here is an extract from the speech of Bernard-Henri Lévy, delivered by him during Maidan: “In conclusion, the people of the Maidan, I want to tell you that I leave you with a heavy heart because I know that in the coming days anything can happen, even, alas, the worst. In the long history of people affirming their sovereign rights by occupying the squares and places of their cities, we remember the Place de la Bastille in Paris or Wenceslas Square in Prague, and even the Agora in Athens. At the same, time we cannot help but remember that other model, the anti-model: Tiananmen Square and the rebellion that was drowned in blood!”

I will not touch the topic about snipers on Institutskja str. I can only say that, given the rich and substantial experience of Bernard-Henri Lévy, in promoting coups and revolutions, and its relationship with the KGB-FSB, they might also be Russians. (Some of the details in the murder of Sergei Serhiy Nigoyan, Michael Zhiznevsky, and Sergey Kokurina suggests the conclusion: that these killings are the part of the FSB operation. It will be the topic of another conversation). And if so, then this fact is the core and the main reason why not only the Rothschilds but Putin holding for “odnoturovogo”.

But let’s return to the events on the Maidan.

February 20, when the first coffins went to the Maidan, Tyahnybok, Klitschko (he especially) and Yatsenyuk shake hands with Yanukovych. And then in the evening on February 20 went on Maidan to tell everybody what a historical agreement they signed with Yanukovych. On the same night, their credibility as leaders of the Maidan has been lost forever. They discredited themselves completely. And during all these presentations Poroshenko was not at the scene of Maidan.

February 21 at the hotel “Kiev” the historic meeting of the Council of the Maidan was held, which was visited by three ministers: Steinmeier, Sikorski, and Fabius. They persuaded everyone to compromise... "It was difficult to describe There came almost to a fight. Poroshenko sat side and did not say a word.

Klitschko would jump on the table, shouting: “If you want to – kill me here, but we could not do it otherwise.”

Yatsenyuk shouted: “I have no other choice; you waned – kill us here,” etc.

Tyahnybok shouted: “Most of ours are killed on the Maidan.”

And this happens in the presence of three ministers. Then Sikorsky becomes and says: “Listen, if you now do not go to this compromise, then, most likely, Yanukovych will shoot even further.” It was said by Sikorski, Poland’s foreign minister. (He was firmly convinced the Yanukovych team is shooting).

Poroshenko was sitting in a corner and did not say a word. He had already realized that if the situation is so, then it is better to keep silent. He didn’t give to Yanukovych his hand, wasn’t kissing him. These three finished their play.

Thus, they burned themselves. And Poroshenko goes on the stage of the Maidan with the idea of peace. Although already then I knew that there would be no peace. In fact – it was a fraud from the beginning. All he says is, as a rule, always different from with what he does.

A distinctive feature of Poroshenko is an ability to lie in an inspired way. He is giving his promises to the left and right and knows that he won’t act upon.

It is interesting to observe the process of Poroshenko entering (or “began to come”) in the information space of Ukraine.

On January 19 the candidacy of PR Poroshenko starts Avakov:

If not the kidnapping, but the incredible “liberation” of Dmitrij Bulatov on January 31 was immediately used as a PR campaign for Poroshenko and Klitschko. Publication of photos Poroshenko and Klitschko on background Bulatva disfigured face, with the text, not forced himself to wait long.

Poroshenko and Klitschko with Bulatov. Pictures of 31 (there is a version that the 30th) January 2014.

Next, it was prepared and played the next PR move – dummy “injury” to the neck, on February 20. And now, after a couple of days, Poroshenko with Klitschko on stage Maidan – and allegedly be with the people, and allegedly, would be for the people.

What happened next, was prepared and played as the next PR move – dummy “injury” to the neck, on February 20. And then, after a couple of days, Poroshenko with Klitschko on stage Maidan – and allegedly with people, and for people.

Needless to say that the combination of a fictitious wound to the neck for Olesya Zhukovskaya, and the killing of an another human being could not be implemented without coordination with snipers shot people on Institutskja.

The follow-up visit to France, giving it the necessary weight in the international arena, as a policy of the Maidan. Bernard-Henri Lévy raffled all without a hitch.

The final stage was the agreement with Putin. In fact, Bernard-Henri Lévy intervened in the plans of the Kremlin to make Klitschko the president. March 24, 2014, there is a famous meeting between Firtash, Lyovochkin, Poroshenko, and Klitschko. On a later Firtash claimed verbatim: ”We got a president Poroshenko, Klitschko – the mayor, as we wanted.” What are other good arguments as proof of Poroshenko’s loyalty to the Kremlin? Subsequent events have shown, for example, that the Crimea has become a bargaining chip. (Recall that time, when the so-called “Referendum” has been already held on May 16 in the Crimea). And, as shown by subsequent events – not only Crimea.

Photo from the TV screen in Crimea, the day of the so-called. “referendum” …

It is noteworthy that in September 2014 there was another secret meeting Poroshenko and Surkov organized Medvedchuk. What are they agreed upon?

Much later, Vitali Klitschko told Dmitry Gordon the famous phrase: “You have no idea in which shi*, but we are in.”

But back to the Maidan. In spite of the intervention in the event, the most different forces, interests of different groups, different countries, different people, – Maydan has become a unique example of self-organization of the people of Ukraine. Puppeteers of Maidan (including the trio on the stage) had their motives. The people of Ukraine went to the Maidan, each in its own right. People have got to hope to change the situation and build a country in which they want to live. In the end, the FSB- “specialists” could not predict the reaction of Ukrainians. They are always wrong, and they all had to change plans on the fly. To adjust them based on the current situation.

On the Maydan, all had to coordinate their actions, based on the situation. As an example, we can recall the failed execution of deputies of the Ukrainian parliament, previously planned by “katsaps”. If it fails, Ukraine would have lost legitimate authority, which would be the reason for a large-scale invasion.

And a failed organization by the FSB stripping Right Sector by Berkut. It was into the hands of the Kremlin. They were very beneficial as a bloody picture on the Maidan. (I wonder who exactly has provoked a campaign group of people in the Mariinsky Park 18/02/2014, where later there was a mass beating and murder?), The Kremlin needed an organization of mass riots all over Ukraine and in Kiev in particular after fleeing Yanukovych. They needed to organize the defeat of the shop windows and looting stores, vandalism in public offices, killings on the streets. It is also an occasion to introduce all forces “to restore order,” “resumption of the legitimate authority” and other excuses occupation.

There is a fascinating investigation into the events of the New York Times, which says literally: “The violence that beat in convulsions Kiev a few days before departure Yanukovych came to an abrupt halt as soon as he left. Early in the morning on Saturday, February 22, protesters, amazed, found the streets empty of police, and took control of the building of the presidential administration, the residence of Yanukovych and other previously inaccessible buildings – people just freely walk through their front gate.” Everywhere reigned friendly atmosphere of celebration and victory. Katsaps miscalculated.

Completely separate investigation deserves MUP activities like before the events on the Maidan and the events that have occurred since. For some reason, no one remembers the heads of special operations “Wave” and “Boomerang.” Even the name of the operation is no longer heard. One more question, who always conducted Ukrainian media that in all these events tried “sculpt public opinion”? By whose advance team had filmed the whole movie about (living even at the time of filming) Sergei Nigoyane, Michael Zhiznevsky?

In conclusion, the first chapter will add just a couple of strokes characteristic to a large set of well-known facts.

  • One of the organizers of the execution of the Heavenly Hundreds, FSB Syrik Constantine, oversaw the campaign headquarters Poroshenko. FSB was interested, that would prevent Poroshenko won the presidential election.
  • To Colonel Shaytanovu Valeriy Albertovich, who led the team, which is February 18, 2014, set fire to the house of Trade Unions and burned people alive inside (especially the wounded, who could not physically be evacuated), Poroshenko gave the rank of Major General SBU.
  • The investigation of murders of people on the Maidan is inhibited until now. The company commander of special police forces “Berkut” Dmitry Gardeners, whose guilt was proved, frankly given the opportunity to escape. The remaining detainees’ figures of the case were openly counting on the fact that they, too, will pull out.
  • Another interesting detail. It was Bernard-Anri Levi, who later became one of the co-founders created the odious Dmitrij Firtash initiative – the so-called “Agency for Ukraine modernization.” Which was established on 3.3.2015?

Part 2. Coincidence of interests.

Let’s return to the shooting on Maidan. Who benefits?

Why is it beneficial to Putin? This allowed the whole hog to run the Kremlin’s propaganda in the Crimea and Donbas. Remember Yanukovich’s statement that the Thou-to “care” of the Crimea provoked Maidan. Yanukovych says that, for example, the Crimean activists were waiting for a “friendship train,” crowded radicals. If you read his interview, crowded propaganda nonsense, it becomes evident that the FSB vigorously fanned hysteria in the Crimea, and horror stories, on the pretext that the Crimea would come Thou-radicals from the Maidan, and also arrange the bloodshed. The so-called. Crimea activists were on duty at the train stations – met radicals. Etc.

In those conditions when the Right Sector was not in the Crimea, the russians had to invent and stage it themselves.

The same scenario was played out and the Donbas. Moreover, the development of the separatist movement Moscow Donbass (curated by Medvedchuk) poured a lot of money for a long time and for a long time. Separatism in the Donbas has a long history. Our, Ukrainian TV, and most of the media have tried to and actively played up to the Kremlin propaganda. (And many continue to do so today). These seeds fell on fertile ground. That later allowed Putin, using part of the Ukrainian political elite, grab a piece of Donbass.

So, Putin’s benefit of the bloody events on the Maidan is obvious and beyond doubt. That bloody Maidan, instead of peaceful protest – it was very profitable.

MPs Regionals Shufrich and Tadeo led titushky by the House of officers on Grushevskogo

The benefit of the pro-Russian part of the authorities (the Party of Regions, Communists, and others), is also evident. Initially, Medvedchuks’ plans about so-called “federalization” (in fact – the partitioning of the country on particular feudal principalities) are entirely consistent with their interests. Actually, for this and they funded the war, which began after the Maidan.

Akhmetov began to advertise the idea of decentralization in Ukraine to May 2014

Akhmetov, for example, the foreign press has started to promote the idea of decentralization (which later consistently and actively lobbied Poroshenko) from May 2014. Attention is drawn to match the interests of Putin and the so-called. “Ukrainian” oligarchs. Link to article “Akhmetov”

Surkov came to Akhmetov in Donetsk, February 12, 2014, and they met in the Akhmetov’s mansion. Moreover, Surkov came from the Crimea and on the end of the conversation immediately went to Moscow.

What is the benefit Poroshenko? 3% do not flow (in the elections), “obscure” policy, he, in essence, becomes a figure (“king”). And it can bend under him all the cash flows (more on that later).

What is the benefit of the Rothschilds? – An answer to the mystery, that never was to me. It can be found, for example, in the article ” Who are the Rothschilds and why they helped Poroshenko come to power.

Poroshenko promised that the Rothschilds?
What are the agreements between Poroshenko and Putin?

Part 3. Payoff.

What are Poroshenko's obligations to creditors? - Money, land, and enterprises of Ukraine, of course. Could he return the money if he started building a democratic and legal state? -Of course, not. He could only return the money in one way, i.e. by restoring and heading the cash flows.

From the very beginning, Poroshenko did NOT plan to construct democratic legal Ukraine. Moreover, construction of strong and independent Ukraine contradicted his agreements with both putin and his creditors.

Thus, Poroshenko starts doing something he got accustomed to do... doing what he knows well, and what he did before, i.e. to arrange corruption schemes that are not a secret for anyone today.

And he begins to do this with people whom he understands well, who are controlled by him, and on whom he can rely. Fugitive Regionals return to Ukraine very quickly. Obviously, this could not happen without Poroshenko's personal guarantees.

The pro-Poroshenko’s (money) governed majority is being arranged in parliament. Competing groups (consisting of such thieves, as he is himself) are being removed from the Cabinet of Ministers. People, who unquestioningly must obey him, are assigned everywhere. “One-round-of-elections” president ignores and violates the Constitution of Ukraine at every step. The post of the Prosecutor General, taken by Lutsenko, was bought (I find it inappropriate here to use the word “voted for”) for bribes to deputies. People that should not be allowed to work in militia come to the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The usurpation of power begins.

If you are shocked and ask yourself the question “How was it possible to deceive everyone so cynically?” - look into the past of the Poroshenko family. Zinchenko was right...

All the current "merits" of Poroshenko can be listed for a very long time. When there is a trial of him (if he survives), his criminal case will have at least several hundred volumes. To whom it is interesting, the links to a description of a small part of his crimes are given below.

Let us assume that Poroshenko settled with his creditors. The volume of corruption money flows should have been above and beyond. And, probably, he also paid the “services” of Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Poroshenko’s agreements with Putin are, in fact, evident. What do we have as a result?

1. The Security Service of Ukraine was and still remains a branch of the Federal Security Service. It continues to fabricate cases against the patriots of Ukraine and to cover the smuggling flows.

2. People that should not be allowed to work in police came to the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Today, criminality works not just in close connection with the police, but in close connection with the top management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A competent assessment of what is happening is given by Valeriy Kur. I recommend...

3. Raging inflation; by the way, Poroshenko “earned good money” from it. (An interesting word appeared in the media, i.e. “earned” instead of an old and good one that properly expresses the essence, i.e. “stole”). Again, it is easier for creditors to buy up Ukraine under the artificial devaluation of the hryvnia.

4. In addition to artificially organized inflation, the banking system is being destroyed. At the same time, the National Bank of Ukraine makes money infusions into Russian banks.

5. The energy industry of Ukraine is completely in the hands of either Russian or pro-Russian oligarchs.

6. Pumping out money from the population for electricity, heating, and gas, through frankly criminal schemes, including so-called “subsidies”. The goal is to obtain super profits by the oligarchy and state officials working in these criminal schemes.

7. Entrepreneurs, middle class are completely screwed. The legislation passed (or rather, the legislation voted in parliament for money) does not give any opportunity for the normal development of small and medium-sized businesses. Everything is aimed at creating another feeder for officials and building another cash flow from tax inspections. The number of registered entrepreneurs is inexorably decreasing. People are driven into the shadows.

8. The debt of Ukraine to the IMF is already 12.3 billion dollars. Where did this money go? If they went for reforms, then which ones? How is Ukraine going to repay? ...assuming the destruction of the middle class and the economy driven into the shadow. How did they plan to reimburse these loans, when they took them? (If you try not to repay them, you will feel what sanctions are.) They really thought to repay them by land, minerals, enterprises, etc. Actually, looking at the activities of Poroshenko, the question - where is the money? - seems very naive.

9. The dream of Ukraine's entry into the European Union is finally buried. And, first of all, due to the efforts of Poroshenko himself. Instead, they are trying to feed us with something called “visa-free access”, which is in fact adapted to “third-class” citizens with an explicit restriction of rights. Actually, we need to forget about joining the EU and the European security system NATO for a long time.

10. “One-round-of-elections” president has not yet abandoned the idea of amending the Constitution of Ukraine in terms of promoting the idea of Medvedchuk’s federalization.

11. Rigged Minsk agreement that exists at the suggestion of the “One-round-of-elections” president, in its essence, is outspoken capitulation and surrender of Ukraine's interests.

12. The extradition to Russia of volunteers who, being the citizens of other states, fought in the so-called “ATO” on the side of Ukraine, and who (deliberately) were not allowed to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

Only a small part of all the "merits" is listed. If we put together everything that is being done and promoted by Poroshenko, only one logical explanation arises. Everything is done to bring Ukraine back under Russian control. Back, to the Soviet Union times, to the customs union.

Now with the conquest of Ukraine ... our strength is growing. Now we have the opportunity to receive fuel from the Donets Basin, there are sources of bread and food… There are huge stocks and surplus of bread in Ukraine ...”. Complete set of works, vol. 38, pp. 300-305. - The case of Lenin lives and flourishes.

Poroshenko's goals and tasks were recently announced by Pinchuk. The ideas of capitulation have been thrown into society. Not even to capitulate, but to make this topic a debating one. And when the situation “settles down” - on all channels (Pinchuk’s and others, which have always been anti-Ukrainian ones), a careful discussion on how to build relations with Russia will be started.

Already today, against the backdrop of a crushed economy, the “Ukrainian” media started the campaign “We will not survive without Russia". The new technology is being implemented through a number of Ukrainian media, including the websites “Timer”, “Comments”, “112 Ukraine”, “Ukrainian News”, “Podrobnosti.ua”, “Holos.ua”, “Correspondent”, “AiF in Ukraine “, “Vesti.ua”.

Very soon “independent Russian intellectuals” will appear who suddenly will desire to cooperate with the Ukrainians in the development of the “road map”. The so-called “healthy part of the society of Ukraine” will support “this very tough talk which is necessary in the current context”, which is, in fact, primarily aimed at destroying the Ukraine born on Maidan, and aimed at its returning under the control of Russia... based on Poroshenko-Putin’s scenario which is being implemented now.

Thus, after long conversations, one day we will understand that the question about “selling our mother Ukraine” will be fundamentally resolved. And they will tell us: “This is a real politic, that’s the way it happened, and do not scream that this is treason; but we should be happy of having a long-awaited peace and should think what to do for Ukraine next ...”

But there were mass murders of patriots in traps specially organized for it...

I hope, after reading the article, the question, i.e. “What specific agreements exist between Poroshenko and Putin?”, will seem rhetorical to you.

In light of the foregoing, the frank answer to the question “For what purposes was the Heavenly Hundred killed?" seems to me terrible.

As a conclusion, I will give you a link (see below) to a very interesting video.

Petro Poroshenko’s careless confession of involvement in the killing of Heavenly Hundreds (Video)

Author: @Prizrak_opery

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