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Location - burlington, vermont

Burlington is close to where my family lives (South Burlington, Vermont) and close to where I want to work. It is a populated city with a hospital close by in case I am sick. It is also a gorgeous place with beautiful scenery and foliage. The monthly rent in Burlington is $1149/month.

career - Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses work in hospitals and doctor's offices with children and their families before their doctor's visit. Some things pediatric nurses do on a daily basis are take blood, give vaccinations, and talk to children and their families. They're paid $85,000/year or $5312.50/month. If you have this career $21,250 tax dollars are deducted per year.

Car- 2017 subaru impreza

The car that I chose was the 2017 Subaru Impreza. I chose Subaru because I wanted a reliable brand and my parents both have Subaru's. The reason I chose the Impreza is because I wanted an relatively inexpensive model and I wanted a white car. Monthly transportation costs for this car are $730.48/month.

college - University of vermont

I chose to go to the University Of Vermont because I know that it is a "hands-on" school which means that medical students work with Doctors and Nurses at the UVM Medical Center to gain experience and knowledge of their future career. To become a pediatric nurse I would have to have a 4-year bachelors degree in Nursing. My student loans will be $222/month

Cost of living - negotiables, non-negotiables, and savings

What are non-negotiables? They are things that you need. My non-negotiables were internet/cable, cell phone, groceries, and health insurance. The monthly cost of my non-negotiables were $810/month. What are negotiables? They are things you want. My negotiables are Netflix, Spotify Premium, and the cost of owning a pet bunny. The monthly cost of my negotiables were $103.97/month. Why do you put aside extra savings? In case your financial situation changes such as if you lose your job. I decided to save 10% of my monthly paycheck which came out to $531.25/month.

savings over time - wedding

Wedding theme and mermaid-style gown

I decided to save for my wedding because looking at dresses and themes seemed like it would be fun. The theme I chose was rose gold, and I chose the dress pictured above. I decided to have my wedding in the Atrium at the Inn at Essex located in Essex Junction, Vermont. I wanted there to be around 150 people so I based the prices off of that. Expenses I'd have to pay for are the cake, a live band, flowers, a photographer, and a wedding officiant. The average bride and groom only have to pay for 43% of the wedding (their families pay the rest,) Which would make me have to pay $8389.30 in all. If I am saving for 5 years or 60 months, I would need to save $139.82/month.

Spending money - what's left over

I had $1,766 left to spend per month. I will spend my money on clothes, and arts and craft stuff to make diy's like slime because that is my hobby.

Math tracker

Sarah's math tracker.

Pie chart

Sarah's math tracker pie chart.


Even though I am still a kid and have a lot to learn about being an adult, I enjoyed this project because it taught me a lot about the secret money adults have to pay for different stuff and how to save money for things. I also liked how personalized this project was and how you could decide about your future.

Thanks for watching!

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