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Q: What is the difference between limited and unlimited government?

A: The difference between limited and unlimited government is the amount of power. Limited governments have limited power which means they can't do whatever they want. Limited governments have limited power because when power is all in the government’s hands, it can result dictatorship. In some governments power is shared among branches (separation of power) or among citizens (democracy). One example of a limited government is the United States. The U.S has a democratic government where citizens vote for their leaders (representative democracy). Unlimited governments have unlimited powers- they can do whatever they want. Unlimited governments have unlimited power which means they have no limitations. It often results dictatorship. In history, unlimited governments or governments who had complete control have taken away citizen rights and often have abused the power they had in other ways. One example of an unlimited government is North Korea. Kim Jong-un is current the leader and dictator of North Korea who has unlimited power. Kim Jong-un took many rights citizens should have and created passed laws like no sarcasm, etc, which is an example of the misuse of power. In conclusion, the main difference between limited and unlimited governments is that limited governments have limited power and unlimited governments have unlimited power.

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Q: What makes a good citizen?

A: To be a good citizen is to follow political laws of the town, city, state or nation and to respect the social laws. Political laws and social laws are both made to make people feel safe. It is a good citizen’s responsibility to follow political laws and see that others do too. A good citizen also respects social laws. An example of a responsibility is to participate in petitions to express opinions and show the willingness to share individual ideas. The freedom of speech and press allow citizens to express their own ideas without feeling unsafe or insecure. It is also a good citizen’s responsibility to socialize with others. Making new friends or reaching out to more communities also show good citizenship. Along with that, it is also a responsibility to stay informed of surroundings and be aware of others around you. In some cases, responsibilities overrule rights. For example, if you were to lead a march in the city of Boston, you wouldn't be allowed to break any private or public property or disturb others which is a responsibility even though the constitution allows public lgatherings. Sometimes rights and responsibility overlap. One example of a right and a responsibility as one is voting. Voting is a right- something you are granted as a citizen. But voting also is a responsibility because a good citizen should participate in choosing the right leader for their country who they think expresses similar ideas and thoughts who also you think can help improve the country even though it isn't mandatory. Another example of responsibility overruling rights is the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech is a right but also a responsibility because citizens must use it only if it doesn't harm or disturb others. A good citizen also should pay taxes. Taxes are used to build and expand public building, roads pay for public education and many other things to help improve improve our lives. In conclusion a good citizen respects and follows town/city, county, state, and nation laws and knows their rights and responsibilities.


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