Little Chinese Seamstress By: David Bartkus

The Boys from the "ciTy"?

I live in a very small village in China, called Yong Jing. We are all hard working in the fields and helping out the community. After Chairman Mao took over he started a re-education program which forced educated kids with educated parents in the city to go out into the villages and work in the fields. One day my village received two boys named Ma and Luo. These boys were clearly city boys they had a small toy that buzzed every morning and a big toy that made noise! Wow! I could tell right away that these boys could read and write and did well in school but have never worked in a field. I was always confused on why these boys were so scared coming here and living in this great community I personally think it is not that bad. These boys from the first days were terrified but after a few days of getting used to the villagers and way of life they realized that they were the educated ones and not us. They tricked the village leader by moving the small buzzing toy back and forth for more sleep and less work. Wow these boys knew it all! Wish I could see the city one day.

We Need More Books

The boys being from the city and used to being educated made them really want to read books. One time they read me one and it was amazing, I wish I could read books all the time! One day a new arrival came, a snobby one named four-eyes. He was snobby and everybody knew it but he did have books so Luo and Ma had to become friends with him. On the day he was leaving to go back into the city, and I forced the boys to steal the books so they could read them to me. Who knew stealing books could be so adventurous. First, they could find the box and had to wreck the whole house to find it. Next, they had trouble opening a box they found in a closet with clothes over it to see if that was it. Last, when they boys were leaving, four-eyes was walking back from his ceremony. In the end, we ended up with the books and four eyes went away. Wow! I love these boys and all the books they got for us to read. These western books had me thinning about the city again and how cool it must be to live it in. One day I will make it out there.

The date

One of these great days in Yong Jing, Luo and I went off into the woods and found a lovely waterfall. I've never seen anything like it before it was amazing! We had a amazing day, I went swimming and jumped off rocks and hugged Luo when I felt like it. He is the best guy in the world and he is so nice and kind to me. We played some fun games and had a picnic after we were all done swimming. We had a game were Luo would throw his keys into the water and I would go retrieve them from the bottom of the water. I always have wonder why this is such a fun game for me but I don't know I just love to get my energy out. One of the times I went down there and there was a snake and I was so scared that I grabbed the keys and told Luo that we have to leave. This was a great day for me I had so much fun and I could not imagine it with anyone else.

Storying telling Books and movies

These boys are just amazing! They can read these books and tell me what happened and watch these movies and tell us about it. Especially Luo, he has this secret power that he can really make these stories fell like you were watching it. These made me very attracted to him and he seems to have some attraction for me too. I have always been into the storytelling ever since I heard my first from them and now I want them to do is to read western books to me. The western books are very interesting because it gets us away from Mao and communism... mhm maybe that why they are banned. Well living in western countries seem a lot more free then here.


Luo and Ma have come from this "city" I have always been intrigued go see it. I have been thinking about my departure for awhile now and I think it is time that I leave and test out a new life in the city. I plan on just leaving and not telling anyone because I believe that will be best for me and that it won't be something so big. The day I left, I went out real early and headed towards the city off to find a new beginning. I am really going to miss the boys and villagers but I really want to see what I can do in the city. These boys have really taught me about the west and I fell like they can help me succeed out in the city. I hope Luo and Ma do not get to angry with me because I did not say bye or tell them I was leaving.


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