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our Brand POSITION & Promise

Brand Position

We are protein/supplement innovators. From early on, we understood that a supplement must also complement the body’s natural, healthy processes. So we created a line of products that works with the human body’s own intelligence to achieve and maintain optimal health, energy and wellness.

By unlocking that natural vitality that is within all of us and by committing to environmentally conscious, sustainable production, we’ve carved out a unique space in the health and wellness industry.

Nutrasumma exists to help each person actualize their fullest expression of health and well-being.

Brand Promise

Nutrasumma Promises Vitality.

VITALITY is defined as exuberant physical strength or mental vigor. When you come across that magnetic personality that’s impossibly energetic, positive, and simply overflowing with life and its many pursuits, that’s vitality in action...and that's what we deliver to those who use our products.

Our Brand Audience

Fitness for Every-Body

Brand Audience

Primarily Health Enthusiasts

Men + Women Ages 25 to Active Seniors

These are what we call aspirational wellness seekers. They can be longtime health enthusiasts or newcomers, serious athletes or casual fitness buffs, with varying degrees of food sensitivities and strictness about food choices, but they care about their bodies and what they put into them. In general, they're motivated to make the best of themselves, and realize that good nutrition and an active lifestyle play a part in this.

As a brand, we share this philosophy and we want to meet the individual needs of these consumers, with products to help everybody be as vibrantly healthy as nature intended it to be.

Nutrasumma’s commitment

USA Manufacturing Company

Manufactured with Strict Accordance to cGMP & FDA Guidelines

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Long Shelf Life – Two Years from Date of Manufacture

Non-GMO & Gluten Free

Nutrasumma Products

Pea Protein Powders + Glutamine Plus + Creatine Plus + Amino Clear + ZMA Plus

Fermented Pea Protein + Supplies 20 grams of plant-sourced protein per serving. Available in unflavored, Vanilla, Chocolate, Apple Pie and Cookies & Cream.


Fermented for optimum digestion and bioavailability*

20 grams of complete protein per serving

Vegan-friendly – 100% plant-sourced

Non-GMO; free of soy, gluten and artificial ingredients

Delicious and easy to blend

2 lb Vanilla Example
How Fermented Pea Protein Works.

Protein plays a role in every healthy human cell. Many vegetarians supplement their diet with soy protein because it contains all the essential amino acids. Yet soy foods can trigger allergies, inhibit thyroid function, and lower levels of testosterone. Pea protein provides the same essential amino acids soy protein does, without the side effects!*

Why Nutrasumma Fermented Pea Protein?

Cultures around the world throughout recorded history have enjoyed health benefits from fermented foods. We combine this time-honored wisdom with modern science to take an already excellent 100% plant protein to a new and higher level!

Fermented Pea Protein Unflavored Family
Fermented Pea Protein Vanilla Flavored Family
Fermented Pea Protein Chocolate Flavored Family
Fermented Pea Protein Cookies & Cream Flavored Family (One Pound Container Not Depicted)
Pea Protein Apple Pie Flavored Family (One Pound Container Not Depicted)
Glutamine Plus + Helps to maintain and repair muscle tissue, support gastrointestinal health, and promote optimal immune system function.*


Made with Micronized and fermented L-glutamine powder*

Enhanced with 500 mg per serving of bovine colostrum*

Provides growth factor IGF-1, Immunoglobulin G, proline-rich polypeptides and lactoferrin

Helps the body maintain muscle size and integrity*

Prevents muscle breakdown*

Increases muscle glycogen stores*

Supports immune system function*

May help athletes recover from overtraining*

How Glutamine Plus Works.

Glutamine is the most plentiful amino acid in skeletal muscle, but is also an important nutrient for the brain, the gastrointestinal tract, and the immune system. Glutamine Plus is made with fermented and micronized L-glutamine, and includes bovine colostrum for additional natural growth factors and immune support. Bovine colostrum provides additional naturally-occurring factors, such as growth factor IGF-1, Immunoglobulin G, proline-rich polypeptides and lactoferrin.*

Why Nutrasumma Glutamine Plus?

Glutamine Plus provides 5,000 mg per serving of fermented and micronized L-glutamine, and 500 mg of bovine colostrum, with 90 servings per container.

Creatine Plus + Fuels working muscles with 5 grams per serving of buffered creatine, plus coenzymated B-6 and vanadium for optimum results.*


pH buffered for better utilization*

Enhanced with coenzymated Vitamin B-6 and vanadium*

Improves athletic performance and recovery*

Supports physical and mental energy*

Facilitates gains in muscle size and strength*

How Creatine Plus Works.

After you ingest creatine, your body converts it to phosphocreatine, which is shuttled to your muscles for storage. Whenever you perform high-intensity, short duration exercise — like weight-lifting or sprinting — the phosphocreatine is turned into ATP, helping your muscles perform on demand.*

Why Nutrasumma Creatine Plus?

Our Carbonate Action Blend, featuring alkaline minerals calcium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and magnesium carbonate helps prevent the premature conversion of creatine to creatinine (a waste product). As Vitamin B-6 plays a role in creatine function in the body, Creatine Plus, includes P-5'-P, an advanced form of B-6, and adds vanadyl sulfate, respected by many athletes for its anabolic and blood sugar support, as creatine is often mixed in a carbohydrate drink for better effectiveness.*

Amino Clear + Provides the highest quality instantized BCAAs, with supporting amino acids, vitamins and herbal extracts for enhanced benefits.*


10 grams per serving of branch chain amino acids, with supporting amino acids, vitamins and herbal extracts*

Supports muscle recovery*

Increases power and energy*

Helps preserve lean body muscle*

Dissolves easily – smooth texture!

May boost immunity*

How Amino Clear Works.

Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential nutrients which enhance protein synthesis in muscle and liver cells, and BCAA supplements are regarded as indispensable by many athletes for their positive effects on muscle growth and repair, as well as performance. Amino Clear contains 10 grams per serving of non-GMO, plant fermentation-derived BCAAs, and is enhanced with carefully-selected additional amino acids, B- vitamins, and adaptogenic herb extracts to optimize endurance, recovery and tissue repair. And with a whopping 5 grams of Glutamine per serving, you’re getting two products in one.

Why Nutrasumma Amino Clear?

Fermented, Micronized, Plant-Derived BCAAs

Amino Clear's branched-chain amino acids are vegan-friendly; others are commonly derived from human hair or duck feathers.*

Immune Support

Both glutamine and arginine appear to boost immunity, particularly important for athletes who train hard.*

Energy Support

Maca and suma are both adaptogenic herbs that help the body adapt to stress, like the stress of exercise. B vitamins participate in the body’s energy production cycles.*

ZMA Plus + A sports nutrition favorite, enhanced with bovine colostrum for additional growth and immune support.*


Enhanced with 1,000 mg per serving of bovine colostrum*

Supports muscle development and strength*

Boosts levels of anabolic hormones*

May enhance muscle function and physical performance*

May speed recovery and tissue repair*

How ZMA Plus Works.

ZMA is a novel formulation of highly bioavailable magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B-6. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study in trained athletes found that ZMA caused significant increases in both muscle strength and levels of anabolic hormones. (Anabolic hormones enhance muscle function and physical performance.) Since rigorous exercise depletes zinc and magnesium, it’s especially important that athletes replenish these minerals.*

Why Nutrasumma ZMA Plus?

Highly absorbable forms of zinc & magnesium for optimal absorption with colostrum, for additional growth factors and immune support.*

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Vitamin D3 Spray + Kids D3 Spray + Immulox + Coenzyme B12 Spray + Coenzyme B Complex 30 + CoQ10 Plus

Vitamin D3 Spray + One of nature's most important and versatile nutrients, in a form that is convenient, delicious, and 100% free of artificial ingredients.


Aids calcium absorption*

Increases bone strength*

May improve strength and balance*

Modulates immune system function*

Travels anywhere, pleasant-tasting and easy to use

How Vitamin D Works.

Vitamin D is in charge of over 50 genes in the human body. It increases the absorption of calcium, which is why it’s essential for bone strength and it can boost or reduce the immune response, depending on what is needed at the time.*

Why Nutrasumma Vitamin D3 Spray?

Nutrasumma's Vitamin D3 spray provides 1,000 I.U. per spray of all-natural Vitamin D3 in a base of pure water and vegetable glycerine. It is perfect for those who want a well-absorbed, pleasant-tasting, natural form of Vitamin D in a dose that allows for lower or higher levels of intake as desired.

Kids Vitamin D3 Spray + One of nature's most important nutrients for children, in a delicious bubblegum flavor – convenient, and 100% free of artificial ingredients.


Aids calcium absorption*

Increases bone strength*

May improve strength and balance*

Modulates immune system function*

Travels anywhere, pleasant-tasting and easy to use

How Vitamin D Works.

Vitamin D is in charge of over 50 genes in the human body. It increases the absorption of calcium, which is why it’s essential for bone strength and it can boost or reduce the immune response, depending on what is needed at the time.*

Why Nutrasumma Kids Vitamin D3?

Nutrasumma's Kids' Vitamin D3 spray provides 400 I.U. per spray of all-natural Vitamin D3 in a base of pure water and vegetable glycerine. It is perfect for those who want a well-absorbed, pleasant-tasting, natural form of Vitamin D in a dose that allows for lower or higher levels of intake as desired. And it’s delicious bubblegum flavor makes it a delight for children to get their daily dose of this important nutrient.

Immulox + Optimize your immune system's response to a variety of challenges.*


Supports your immune system's natural function*

Contains proline-rich polypeptides to facilitate immune cell signaling*

Helps to balance an underactive or overactive immune system*

Useful as a daily supplement and to address specific short-term challenges*

Pleasant tasting and easy to use

5 ounce version

How Immulox Works.

Produced using a patented process, Immulox is a proprietary extract of bovine colostrum (also known as “first milk”) that contains immune-enhancing factors called proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs).*

PRPs are like walkie talkies for your immune system. They work by enhancing your white blood cells’ ability to send and receive information accurately, so your body can mount a coordinated response to each immune challenge.*

Unlike most immune supplements, which boost the immune response indiscriminately, PRPs have the ability to stimulate or calm the immune system as needed.*

Why Nutrasumma Immulox?

Nutrasumma's Immulox helps your body's immune system to do what it does best naturally. Other natural immune-related supplements can be beneficial, but often involve a one-size-fits-all stimulation of the immune system when that may not be the most appropriate response to an immune challenge. Nutrasumma's Immulox can be helpful taken alone or with other immune-enhancing supplements.*

Viamin B12 Spray + Physical energy, mental clarity, and much more.*


Promotes efficient metabolism*

Helps maintain healthy nerve function*

Supports healthy blood cell formation*

Maintains healthy homocysteine levels*

Critical for energy production*

Convenient delivery system

How B12 Works.

Vitamin B12 fights fatigue by converting fats and proteins into energy and ensuring your blood cells have enough oxygen. Unfortunately, many factors — including compromised intestinal health and antacid use — block B12 absorption. While most B12 supplements include a form of the vitamin your body has to convert before it can use, Nutrasumma® B12 saves your body a step, by including the coenzyme form of B12: methylcobalamin.*

Why Nutrasumma B12?

Nutrasumma's Vitamin B12 spray utilizes two forms of Vitamin B12 – cyanocobalamin, the most recognized form of Vitamin B12, and methylcobalamin, a coenzymated form which is exceptionally well utilized in the body. This combination is provided in a delicious and convenient spray form, with no artificial sweeteners or colors.*

Coenzyme B Complex +


Contains a range of B vitamins in their active, coenzyme form*

Bypasses conversion by the liver for immediate absorption*

Supports natural energy production*

Helps alleviate occasional stress*

Has antioxidant and cell-protecting properties*

How Coenzyme B Complex Works in the Body.

Coenzymated B Complex Plus contains B vitamins in their active, coenzyme form, including coenzymes B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and PABA. As a result, they bypass conversion by the liver and go straight to work. In addition, this comprehensive B-complex also provides benfotiamine, a fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 that has antioxidant and cell-protecting properties.*

Why Nutrasumma Coenzyme B Complex?

Highly bioavailable forms of ingredients for optimal absorption. B-vitamin-like compounds including choline and inositol.*

Co Q-10 Plus + Support for your heart, and energy for every cell in your body.*


Promotes cardiovascular health*

Facilitates cellular energy*

Protects the body from free radical damage*

Supports cell integrity*

Provides periodontal benefits*

How Co Q-10 Plus Works in the Body.

Every cell in your body requires adenosine triphosphate for the energy to survive and function, and this in turn requires Coenzyme Q-10 for utilization. Evidence indicates that many people have a less than optimal level of CoQ-10, and that this level tends to diminish with age, with serious implications for cardiovascular well-being and other health issues.*

Why Nutrasumma Co Q-10 Plus?

Nutrasumma's CoQ-10 Plus provides 100 mg. per capsule of pure Coenzyme Q-10, along with supporting ingredients, such as green tea extract, well-researched for its antioxidant and cardioprotective benefits, and BioPerine, a patented pepper extract shown to enhance the absorption of CoQ-10. It's also 100% vegetarian-friendly, unlike most CoQ-10 supplements.*


Dragon’s Blood + Fermented XOS Prebiotic + Cal/Mag + Fiber Core Caps + Pure Skin + Ginkgo Complex

Dragon's Blood +


Supports balanced blood flow for cardiovascular health*

Fills 50% of the ORAC gap for the fruit and veggie challenged*

Optimizes a natural antioxidant shield*

180 count version

How Dragon's Blood Works in the Body.

Supports cardiovascular health by balancing blood flow based on 1,500 years of Oriental use.*

Creates an antioxidant shield, optimizing the body’s natural defense against free radicals—the result of daily exposure to environmental toxins, unhealthy diets and excessive physical stress.*

Why Nutrasumma Dragon's Blood Plus?

Available only from Nutrasumma®, this deep red 98% soluble resin extract comes from Dracaena cochinchinensis.

Each vegetarian capsule provides 2,100 umole TE—more than double the ORAC value of an equal serving of powdered acai or fresh Goji (wolf) berries, which is more than half the recommended intake suggested by USDA researchers.

We respect our forests, and harvest only the fallen resin and bark while sustaining the trees.

Fermented XOS Prebiotic +


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How Fermented XOS Prebiotic Works in the Body.

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Why Nutrasumma How Fermented XOS Prebiotic?

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Cal/Mag +


Builds strong bones and teeth*

􀀀 Helps maintain blood pressure levels already within normal range*

􀀀 Delivers PMS relief*

􀀀 May help manage weight*

􀀀 Protects colon health*

180 count version

How Cal/Mag Works in the Body.

Calcium provides more than just structure to bones and teeth. It helps every organ system function. Surprisingly, the source of most calcium supplements — calcium carbonate — is rock. But your body isn’t meant to get nutrients from rocks; it gets nutrients from living things! That’s why Nutrasumma® Cal/Mag features AlgaeCal™ calcium from mineral-rich ocean plants — the way your body likes it!”

Why Nutrasumma Cal/Mag?

Ingredients that complement calcium, such as vitamin D (needed for calcium absorption), vitamin K (which increases bone density), bone-building minerals (including magnesium, silica, and boron), and mineral-rich botanicals.*

Fiber Core +


Acts as a natural laxative*

􀀀 Sweeps waste from the intestinal walls*

􀀀 Protects the lining of the colon*

􀀀 Blocks cholesterol absorption*

􀀀 Promotes cardiovascular health*

How Fiber Core Works in the Body.

When soluble fiber meets water in the GI tract, it dissolves, creating a thick gel that blocks the absorption of cholesterol. In that way, soluble fiber promotes cardiovascular health. Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water. It adds bulk to your stool, making it easier to eliminate.*

Why Nutrasumma Fiber Core?

Ingredients that complement fiber’s actions, such as probiotics (beneficial bacteria that support digestion), prebiotics (which act as food for beneficial bacteria), digestive herbs (which stop gas before it starts) and protease (which breaks down food debris). Includes magnesium, an alkalizing mineral that acts as a natural laxative.*

Pure Skin +

Promotes collagen synthesis*

􀀀 Reduces premature aging due to UV exposure*

􀀀 Improves skin moisture and elasticity*

􀀀 Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles*

􀀀 Supports good skin tone*

How Pure Skin Works in the Body.

The star ingredient of Pure Skin is patented FloraGLO® lutein, which, along with its cousin astaxanthin, absorbs damaging UV light. FloraGLO® lutein has been clinically shown to improve skin moisture and elasticity, while astaxanthin has been found to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Pure Skin also includes vitamin C — critical for the synthesis of collagen — in the cell penetrating form of ascorbyl palmitate, plus kelp and bamboo to provide a wealth of minerals necessary for good skin tone.*

Why Nutrasumma Pure Skin?

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Ginkgo Complex +

Helps maintain cognitive function*

Improves mild memory problems associated with aging*

May enhance memory in younger adults*

Enhances visual acuity*

Improves visual field*

How Ginkgo Complex Works in the Body.

Ginkgo works by improving circulation. Research has shown that it dilates, or relaxes, the blood vessels, which allows more nutrient-rich blood to flow through them. In addition, ginkgo keeps blood from getting too viscous, or thick. By enhancing circulation, gingko contributes to healthy cognitive function, memory and vision.*

Why Nutrasumma Ginkgo Complex?

Ingredients that support the action of ginkgo, such as clove extract (a highly underrated antioxidant that may neutralize free radicals contributing to brain fog), lecithin (a natural source of the brain-friendly B vitamin choline) and protease (an enzyme that cleans up protein debris). Plus Bioperine® black pepper extract which may improve bioavailability.*

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