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Canada has changed a lot of the years, but is it a good change or a bad change? Canada Has a lot of stats to prove their demographic status, their immigration status and their First Nation status.what do these stats mean? And what will be the future of Canada based on these stats?this page will show the trends of our information and the predictions of how Canada would look like In the year 2050.

the immigration status

Most immigrants are coming from the phillipenes (40,000)there are not that many in Brampton(11,000) but they Are a lot in Toronto(102,000).The Filipino want to move into a city with a high university degree.In 2001 thirty one percent of the population of Filipino origin 15 or over had a bachelor or post graduate degree.There are universities in Toronto.

More people in Toronto

the amount of landed immigrants in 2014 are high.If you were to make a line of best fit you will see that the number of landed immigrants the line of best fit is increasing at a fairly high rate. on the graph there is a steady increase overall from the year 1950 all the way to 2016.The number of landed Imigrants rely on the push and pull effects.Some pull factors are

  • Education-Canada is known as the country with one of the best education
  • Health care-Canada Features free health care
  • Good first impression-Canada has been ranked as the second best country in the world, out of 206.

There are not that much pull factors, the worst that can happen for someone to move from a country like Canada can be because of a disaster and/or war

Prediction:In The future more people will come to Canada than leave, because there is an unlikely chance to leave a country like Canada with a lot of pull factors.The net migration rate of Canada has been going up and down since 1960 but from 1985(2.99) it increased in net migration to 2015(6.71).In the future there will be more people coming into Canada then leaving due to the other fact that since 1960 the net migration rate has stayed positive.if there was a line of best fit , it will show that it is an increasing trend.


Life expectancy is high right now(81) for Canada . The life expectancy over the years has been increasing a lot.The life expectancy is probably increasing a lot due to some factors. One factor is that the cleanliness of our food, Canada has a lot to expect from , one is clean food and water, this affects the life expectancy because without water and food you cannot survive .the other factor can be Canada's health.canadas health status has been advancing over the years , this helps our population.

The fertility rate(1.6) has been dropping since 1960 (3.8).we need an average fertility rate of 2. 5 to replace our population without immigration, Canada's increasing population is relying on immigration.this is showing that the population is actually decreasing without immigration . But that does not mean that the population will decrease, with immigration the population of Canada is growing at a steady rate.

Population:Canada's population has been increasing since 1960(17,909,000). In 2015 the population surpassed 34,000, has been increasing at a constant rate. If you were to continue this graph , 2050 might have a population of 42.6 million.It might be a bit lower due to the decline of natural increase.The population is in an increasing trend

Death rate of Canada has been going up and down.since 1960(7.8) it has been going up and down. If you were to make a line of best fit you will see that the death rate is actually showing a decreasing trend, it is a little bit lower now with a death rate 7.4 . It is probably low because Canada features good health is a decreasing trend

Prediction:The life expectancy will increase from 1960, its been increasing at a constant rate and hasnt dropped the future we will have more advanced technology and more advanced health care systems , so that can help an average person live longer in the future

First Nation/aboriginal status

More than 1.4 million people in Canada are referred to be a aboriginal.the largest number of Aboriginal lived in the western Ontario and the western provinces like b c .there are currently 634 recognized aboriginalgovernment bands across Canada and half of them are from Ontario and British Columbia.

Not all aboriginals of Canada are on the reserves, out of the 1.4 million aboriginals /First Nations only 300,000 live on reserves.the population on the reserve is growing but the population off reserve is growing faster. They don't want to go on the reserves due to the conditions there:

The age of the aboriginals community is usually low , due to the fact that the older ones are committing suicide .they are probably committing suicide because they are not treated the way they used to.the younger ones are not committing suicide because they are too young to commit such an act.In 2017 the estimated life expectancy is 68.5 for aboriginals , lower than the entire population of Canada .

Prediction: In 2050 The aboriginals that are not on the reserves will stay on the reserves and the people that are off the reserves taht are aboriginal will most likely not go on the reserves due to the horrible conditions

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