That which you see as ‘worship’ at church or anywhere else depends on whether you are living in the new covenant and a recipient of the incarnation. In one we will rely on tradition, institutionalism and forms. In the other we are free to be: Free to be sons for whom worship is a life.

Bill Jones worshiping.

A renouned preacher asserted that that the trend to have church in a cafe was not actually church. His understanding of the new covenant and God incarnated in us was not obvious on this occastion. Jesus' church is built without human hands since it is neither religious or tied to any externality. It is Christ in you - Christ in us - Christ as us. I was with a friend recently. We were taling about the Lord and our lives. She stopped and said, 'To me this is church.'

It may include this but it is not limited to this.

The genius of ‘In Him we live, move and have our being’ is that we are a real self in Jesus and a real community in the trinity. The effect of this is that we live in real spirit and life. ‘The presence’ that is often sung about in praise and worship services is not restricted to such services. Nor is the presence confined to a church or even the front of the church in that space in front of the stage (known in some circles as the slay bay). The presence is not larger on certain days or more intense on ‘Sabbath’ days. The Presence is present every day because THE PRESENCE LIVES IN YOU. Since the cross you have a Sabbath-life. A life of union and companionship with God at all times and places. You and our Father are one.

He is in you and you are the manfestation of Him where you are.

The big issue of the ages is not the law and the keeping of it. The issue is the incarnation and you're living in it.


A common depiction of the presence of the Spirit. However the Spirit of Christ is in you without such signs. You, yourself are a manifestation of the trinity.


‘To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory’ Col 1.27 NIV. The meaning of this scripture is that there is heaps of glory in those for whom Jesus is life and scraps of it if we have been misled into making externalities our life. What are ‘externalities?’ They are anything that is not the person Jesus Christ woven into your being.

Since you and Father are one, you ignite every situation with His life and presence.

We are fully human and robustly Godly living from the incarnation and as such transfused with spirit and life. Here we grow into the excellence of who we are and bring delight to our Father. Jesus came so that we might see the glory of our Father and His Son. Jesus lives and imparts to us the presence and life of our Father so that we may be revealed in our own glory as sons. Glory is found in Christ our life. Never in little boxes of religion and try-harder disciplines.


You are not done for spiritually if you have not made a prayer and Bible study compartment (our devotions) at the start of the day. You are not dilatory if you have omitted to say grace before a meal. Not irresponsible if you have given a Bible study without several supporting scriptures. Not when you are a vessel of spirit and life. We are spirit and life when we believe we are because we agree with the truth that Jesus is our life. Whatever you do and wherever you are, you are Godly and brimming with life because Jesus is in you and with you. You are the effect of His being. You are Godly and a son/daughter in spirit and in truth, because Christ is in you and you are the expression of the indwelling. You are living as a son and as such you are a manifestation of your Father.

Alive in God you perceive the glory of God in every moment of creation.

Should you have embraced your union with God and be walking in the reality that you and Father are one – thanks to Jesus – you will walk and work continually in the company of each member of the trinity – you will know and appreciate them as individuals, yet as one God.

Knowing God as God is will reveal to you the glory of you!

identity is the issue of the season. Knowing the Father is to know ourselves and others as sons and daugters of God. It is to perceive our own glory and the glory of other people in whom God. Dwells.

You will increasingly know yourself as an individual, as a member of the community of mankind and as part of the earth and the creation.

‘Don’t get too new age, Keith!’ you caution. Could it be that some of the new age folks have latched on to degrees of union and revelation that have eluded those who live in their little boxes of fundamentalist definitions of good and evil? We can be people who are confident in the reality that is real. This is th truth that we are living and moving in the being of God.

Words on stone. Being of stone.

The old way, with laws etched in stone, led to death, though it began with such glory that the people of Israel could not bear to look at Moses' face. For his face shone with the glory of God, even though the brightness was already fading away.2 Cor. 3.7.

Do without a Stonehenge life.

The person who is alive in God is infinitely alive and far more so that those who are attempting to live in words about God. Live from words on stone and there will be something about us that is the nature of stones.

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