Off to Mars The Next Frontier


The lunch is on October 13, 2020 Cape Canaveral, Florida. The goal of the mission is to go and explore mars to see if we are able to some how live on mars. The mission will take at least 3 years for the reason for this is because it will take 1 years to get to mars and 1 more to come back as for the last year it is for research time. There is already a food and shelter for the crew can stay ther fore some time but what we need the most is the tools to analyze and document our founding and yeas that includes space suit.

Crew selection

Their are 5 people in this crew the pilot Jon Carson 33 years old his job is pilot, he has 5 years in the air force, risk taker, always up fora challenge. Mia Cassidy 30 years old her job is to to find out more about Mars to see if we can make it habitable, she a masters in scions and chemistry she is kind of shy but not afraid to speak up. Colin Judson 28 years old a sottish man his job is to make make sure that all equipment and crew members are OK, hea masters in engineering and medicine he looks in good shape he dos't taking a lot but works well with others . Ai Sòng 31 years old her job is to guide the crew, take notes of information the have gathered and help Colin Judson with fixing. she masters in robotics she dos not have trouble taking leadership if she has to. The crew will have to train on how to put space suits, living the atmosphere, strength training, patience and working with each other.

Space Travel

The lunch will October 12, 2020 Cape Canaveral, Florida because Mars will at is closest to earth that will be a perfect time to lunch the will have to travel for about 162 days until they have reached Mars. The ship they are taking will be the dragon is big enough for the crew, it will be using a plasma rocket to travel a shorter distance to Mars but the Falcon 9 will be the one that will take them out to orbit. The crew will be using a new tested suit that will be less restraining. For the muscles and bones they will have a centrifugal force machine in the ship. For radiation they will be using ceramic tiles that will protected for the radiation. To make sure that the crew is safe from space debris is to make layers on the ship that will protect them from harm and for the radiation incise the tiles do not work like we want the space suits will have a way do protect them for radiation. They will need ther suits to be able to wake on Mars, Food for the long trip, reading material, change of clothes, the necessary tools and equipment.

Living on Mars

aThe place the crew will be living in dome that will have everything they need to survive in mars, There will be different domes fore almost everything like some will be living quarters, will a other is places were they are able to wake around freely, exercise place to keep bones and muscles strong. The domes will have specialized panels that will reflect radiation for temperature we insulate the domes to keep the temperature good, the domes will help with the weather, and the suits will be pressurized. They have food that should last them until they get back for water they will have some but incise they run out they will dig for water or go to the ice in Mars. The suit will carry oxygen and pressure for they can live out side the domes and for traveling they have a vehicle to go places faster. The experiment the they will are to determent if we can plant seeds on mars to make it green and if we can melt the ice in the south pole of mars turn mars in to a second Earth for us to live on.

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