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Uncommon Grounds came to Church Street in Burlington, Vermont in the 1990's. Since then, the business has created a friendly atmosphere that supplies high quality products in order to cater to the needs of all the locals, tourists, and students that visit the area. With their history in maintaining a stable business in downtown Burlington, Uncommon Grounds has created a reliable customer base.

Purpose: The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a detailed campaign that supports Uncommon Grounds in better enhancing the local artwork that they display in their cafe.

Goal: To continue to have customers come to the cafe on a frequent basis while displaying local artwork that is engaging with their customers.

What you can do: Help Uncommon Grounds promote their new local artwork campaign by following the provided steps in posting on social media about the art that will be on display each week. To help, use these provided steps:

  • Follow the recommended calendar of artwork and posts for the campaign.
  • Use the posts and information below to advertise the campaign that emphasizes the local artwork that Uncommon Grounds will be putting on display in their cafe.
  • Use the given hashtags on all Instagram posts in order to reach out to a larger community.

Key Campaign Themes

Using artwork from local Vermont artists, keeps customers coming to Uncommon Grounds by advertising the sneak peeks of what artwork will be on display throughout the week in the cafe.

Maintain happy customers; grow the variety of local art; keep people interested and wanting more.

Primary Handles


Secondary Artist Handles

@m.lombard_ @jacobtsutton @ellbellfellohwell @jenn_uribe @natjackski

Campaign Hashtags

Primary Hashtags: Please use these two hashtags on all Instagram posts. #LocalGrounds #UncommonArt

Other campaigning hashtags: #ugbtv #VermontArt #LocalGrounds #UncommonArt #ugbtvDoesLocalArt

Month One Campaign Schedule

April 1st: One post to introduce the campaign

April 2nd-April 8th: One post to introduce theme of the week on April 2nd and one post to display artwork as a reminder on April 5th.

April 9th-April 15th: One post to introduce theme of the week on April 9th and one post to display artwork as a reminder on April 12th.

April 16-April 22nd: One post to introduce theme of the week on April 16th and one post to display artwork as a reminder on April 19th.

April 23rd-April 29th: One post to introduce theme of the week on April 23rd and one post to display artwork as a reminder on April 26th.

Helpful Instructions for Instagram Posts

When posting directly from the @ugbtv Instagram post, make sure to tag all of the local artists' art accounts and personal accounts. This will help the company's social media follower to following ratio grow. It will gain more viewership and will most likely please the artists since they too will gain more followers. Happy artists means happier customer reviews and a better chance that they will want their art on display in the cafe again.

Example (Screenshot):


When posting please remember:

  • Post between 8AM and 9AM
  • Always tag and give credit to local artists
  • Maintain regular Instagram posts throughout the week, not always related to the "A look at local artwork" campaign

Week 1 Instagram Post (April 2 and April 5):

Come stop by your favorite coffee shop to grab a bite to eat and see @m.lombard_ kick off our "A look at local artwork" campaign to display more local art! Michaela Lombard is a sophomore studying art at Middlebury College. She is from Enosburg Falls, Vermont. Michaela's art will be viewable at #ugbtv until April 8th. #UgbtvDoesLocalArt #LocalGrounds #UncommonArt #VermontArt
Haven't seen the artwork of @m.lombard_ or you were so impressed and are dying to see it again, don't worry! You still have time to look into the eyes of this truly talented artist. Michaela's work will be on display until April 8th here at Uncommon Grounds! #ugbtv #UncommonArt #LocalGrounds

Week 2 Instagram Posts (April 9 and April 12):

Theme of the week? This lovely drawing from @jacobtsutton will be on display this week at @ugbtv. What do you think is the theme? Come stop by the cafe to grab a coffee and check it out! #UgbtvDoesLocalArt #UncommonArt #LocalGrounds #VermontArt
That's right, you guessed it! All of the art on display this week was created entirely with pencil. Don't believe us? Stop by and see for yourself. Here's another piece of art from @m.lombard_. We just couldn't stay away from her talented pieces! #UncommonArt #LocalGrounds #VermontArt #ugbtv

Week 3 Instagram Posts (April 16 and April 19):

This week's local artist is Saint Michael's College's Elly Moore. @Ellbellfellohwell is a sophomore studying English and Environmental Studies. Her happy and bright personality can be viewed through her artwork this week at #ugbtv. Don't miss it! #UgbtvDoesLocalArt #LocalGrounds #UncommonArt #VermontArt
Only three more days to come check out the artwork of @ellbellfellohwell! Looking for a relaxing break from your studies? Come see the outcome of what Elly does to unwind. #LocalGrounds #UncommonArt #ugbtv #VermontArt

Week 4 Instagram Posts (April 23 and April 26):

196 countries are in the world today. Come in to #ugbtv this week to gaze over the wondrous pictures that our local Vermonters have captured from their travels! Here is a picture from the trip @jenn_uribe took to the Dominican Republic! #UncommonArt #LocalGrounds #UgbtvDoesLocalArt
Don't forget to stop by and grab a bite to eat while you gaze over the incredible journeys that our customers have embarked on. Here's a picture from @natjackski's trip to Vietnam! We tried to collect as many photographs we could from different countries. Come see if we missed any that you've traveled to! #LocalGrounds #ugbtv #UncommonArt #VermontArt
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