Final Journey Log Megan Bernick

Well. Here it is. The end. I never thought we would get here. It's a little bittersweet and all, but relieving to say the least.

I have learned a lot on this "journey". Especially about myself I think. I actually thought I knew myself pretty well until I got to college. Then it was basically a downward spiral.

However, have no fear, I am only a freshman and supposedly its SUPPOSED to be a downward spiral until about half way through, then you kind of get ahold of your life your spring semester of senior year. Kind of.

Anyways, here it is. My last journey log. A reflection of all reflections.


(not an actual word, I am aware).

Adobe Spark: My Own Personal Reflection Pond

We can see how my creativity has shaped and changed throughout the semester.

In the beginning, my first few journey logs were strictly video, such as Journey Log 3 and Journey Log 4.

I personally liked doing videos. I like talking from memory and trying to explain things. The only thing I didn't like about that was actually having to record my face, because sometimes (usually) I look like a mess.

However, as I neared the end, I started to switch it up and incorporate photos, voiceovers, and I even wrote (tried to write?) a poem. (I seriously apologize because that poem is dreadful).

I decided to include photos from a journey I took this past summer across Europe.

This journey was a long one, 15 days.

However, the journey through ENGL 1030 was much longer.

I learned a lot through both of these journeys.

I learned a lot about myself, as well as others.

I was able to put things in different perspectives, appreciate other's opinions, and be more open about my own opinions.

my first view of the tower, compared to the later one (in background) - perspective

It's hard to get out of your comfort zone and learn about yourself while others are doing the same and learn about others as they learn about you.

I also learned about some very important aspects of learning and life.

The habits of the mind guided me through this class, and I can now apply them outside of the classroom.

I think some of the most important habits of the mind that we discussed in class include creativity, responsibility, persistence , and openness.

I will talk about each of these later in detail.

However, each of these concepts has been implemented into my journey logs and into the class in general.

They have helped shape me into a better, more creative writer and person.

Implementing these habits were just some "steps" I had to take to improve and refine some of my skills both inside and outside of the classroom.

They really helped me to look through a new "window" and gain further perspective on some of the raids, activities, and quests we did in class.

I felt as though my creativity and thoughts were no longer "gated" and caged in after experiencing these reflections and other activities in class.

Czech this photo out though...

Okay, I think I'm done with the puns. I just like to incorporate humor into stuff sometimes because assignments can make me feel a little blue.

So maybe I'm not done. But this class has honestly helped me tear down some walls and become way more creative and open than I expected.

Now I'm gonna talk a little bit about the Minecraft aspect of the pun here I guess.

Gosh I struggled so badly with Minecraft at the begging...honestly my first build was so pathetic.

After a few HOURS of messing around, I finally locked in on the basic skills and controls and used this knowledge in the Raids later in class.

Sometimes it was hard to get going in the right direction for some of the raids, especially raid 5.

Honestly, raids 3-5 were probably the most challenging for me. There was an extensive amount of information and research is no walk in the park.

It's more of a hike...or mountain climb.

I had so much information, some the same, and some that was just hard to fit in to the paper.

Once I figured out the direction and the main focal points of my paper, it was all smiles from there.

Now we are in the home stretch with these last few projects and it's a nice feeling.

It feels like we started on one side of the river, and this reflection is looking back at the original starting point of the class.

The sun is setting on this journey, but it has been a learning experience to say the least.

Honestly, I don't know what I originally expected from this class, other than I expected it to be different to say the least.

This was a good different. I liked the class in general. I liked doing things out of the ordinary. Not everything was writing papers and reading essays, which literally everyone hates. If you don't hate that stuff honestly let me know your secrets.

In the end. This class was a learning experience that let me use some important skills, which I talked about earlier.

I already discussed how I got to be really creative in this class. I used persistence in my essay, which I talked about in Journey Log 4. I mentioned how Raids 3-5 were challenging and I just had to push through.

I talked about how I had the opportunity to be more open and creative, especially in this reflection.

Finally, this class was a decent amount of work, and because of that , I had to be a responsible college student.

I had to turn in work on time, had weekly assignments, and larger assignments that required a decent amount of preparation and time to complete.

At the end of the journey, we are changed, but we always have the same core components of ourselves.

(Pictured above is my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA)

In general, this journey has been an insightful and educational one. I think I learned some things about myself and maybe even some things about my peers.

The End.

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