Feather in the breeze creative practice blog #1

While brainstorming the concept of wellness, it was actually the image of a feather that came to my mind. As we find the right balance in caring for ourselves, we are able to float above the chaos that can be present within the world around us, floating much like a feather in the breeze. As we lose control of one aspect of our wellness wheel, a part of the feather also disappears and perhaps doesn’t float so well on the breeze. As more of the feather falls apart, or aspects of multidimensional wellbeing are lost, we simultaneously lose control of our lives, and the overall sense of wellbeing, just like a feather falling from the sky.
Floating above the chaos...

For me there is a definite connection between some of these aspects on my personal wellness wheel. I can identify the importance in the environmental, occupational, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing. These have been of tremendous importance to my own wellbeing. It’s interesting, but if you had asked me to complete the wheel a month, or even a week ago, it would not have appeared as balanced as it does today. However, in the past little while my feather has become balanced again as I make changes to reground myself through work and other endeavors. My financial, emotional, physical and social wellbeing however, are not quite up to the same level as the other spheres – Represented by a smaller size on the feather. This does however just leave room to continue my self-improvement.


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