Forest Vision - 2020 an online experience with the Grünewald Guild

A Special Note from Guild Directors Jim and Vonda Drees:

Our art program weeks at the Grünewald Guild are the experiences in which we shine brightest in our mission of art, faith and community, as we live it every single day -- from the week's Welcome Gathering on Sunday to the week's Saturday Sending Celebration.

This pivot to online programming, due to the coronavirus, means we are experiencing art, faith and community in a different way.

There is grief to be acknowledged. We grieve the loss of our physical togetherness across the table at mealtime, at matins and vespers around the circle of Centrum couches, and side by side in deep studio time. This is compounded for us with the awareness that 2020 is our last year as directors of the Grünewald Guild.

What do we do with this longing for what our programming was supposed to be? We ask that you recognize it with us. Even if you've never been to the Guild, you have likely experienced a similar loss in these past months. Together as we name it, we can allow it to stir even more deeply the love that will draw us together again on the Guild campus when the time is right.

In the meanwhile, what has been animating us is that there is a great need for creativity across the country. If you are brand new to the Guild, we offer a wholehearted welcome to an experience of art, faith and community. We will do our best to get to know you, to support you in your learning while offering a creative, communal rhythm to our week together. To our Guild friends who've been to the campus, we hope you'll be encouraged by scenes we share from the river, the garden, the Centrum and labyrinth. We trust that your love for them will help bring life to these spaces even from afar.

This is new for us, so we enter humbly, we enter in anticipation, and we enter grateful for your participation. We trust that the Spirit who is always hovering over the artist at work also has the power to connect us across the digital stream, to heal us through the exchange of creative processes, and to awaken us to the beauty that is around us, within us and especially the beauty created through us.

This creative work, by the way, is our shared responsibility. As we act in hope and courage in this different way of being the Guild, love will show up in visible and audible revelations of story, painting, song… in other words, our art!

We are so glad we are together on this journey toward Forest Vision!



cycles & seasons


seeds & New creation

..."There is a place" we say where

Green woods shape our vision, and

free us to structure creative works

that flow from our hearts and hands

liberated from convention and expectations

so we can see the visions within us

that did not yet have shape and life

and we can bring them into being.

-excerpted from Guild Friend Bob Anderson's "Ponderosa Shapes"

Our Prayer: O God, we struggle with the idea of separate togetherness and yet that is how we will walk with one another in this coming week. We pray for open hearts, hands, and minds. We give thanks for companions on this journey. We trust in your leading grace.

Again, thank you! We'll See You soon!
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