Researcher's Guide to Technology Resources at UTRGV Quick Start Guide

Web Hosting Services

Web Spaces

Web publishing hosting service available to university faculty and students.

Department Websites

Cascade, website content management application, is used to create and manage content on university websites. *Requires approved access from your web content coordinator in your department.

Website Support

Web Team

Our university web team is dedicated to designing and developing university department websites only. Some departments have content managers to update their departmental website. The web team does not provide web design and development support for personal faculty web spaces.

DIY or Hire a Part-Time Student

Faculty and Students spaces allow for a "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) approach, therefore we have written the basic steps to get you started. (See Brief Overview Below)

Hire a Part-Time Student

If you need website design and html assistance, we highly recommend that you hire a part-time student with web design and html skills to assist in developing your faculty web space to your liking.

DIY Web Pages with Adobe Spark Page

What if you could create a professional-looking web page in minutes - no designer, no code, and no hosting required - and all completely free? With Adobe Spark, you can.

Turn words and images into beautiful, magazine-style web stories that will impress readers on any device.

DIY - Brief Overview of How to Create a Web Space for Faculty

Web Space for Faculty

Self-Pace Knowledge Base Training Articles


Create A Faculty Web Space

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Web Space Creation Status


Add Files Web Space using Map Network Drive or FTP Client

Map Network Drive

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File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

If you have any technical issues connecting, please submit a Something Broken? ticket. Attaching a screenshot with the error message your are experiencing.


Create HTML page in Word or Publisher

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View your web space

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DIY - Adobe Spark Web Pages

Adobe Spark Page is a web page builder that puts the power of creating a web page in the hands of anyone with a story to tell, a product to sell, or a passion to share.

This presentation is an Adobe Spark Web page.

Get started on your Adobe Web Page, just log into to Adobe Spark using your Adobe Enterprise License!

Make Web Page About Your Research

Create an Adobe Spark Web Page

Applications in myUTRGV

Office 365 - Access the Microsoft suite online and contact your peers and professors.

Office 365: Power BI - Used to create and use analytics reports

Office 365: Teams - collaboration tool that provides the ability to work together and share information via a common space.

Gartner - Analytical Researching Service that can be utilized by all students, faculty, and staff.

Surveys (Qualtrics) - Online survey tool to collect data for research purposes

IT Support Center - Search our client portal to knowledge base Submit technology requests dealing with troubles on campus.

Research Computing Services

Faculty and Research Support (OFRS) offers technology consulting services for research projects.

The High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) provides High-Performance Computing Services on a multi-node Computing Cluster.

Virtual Machine for Research - A Virtual Machine (VM) Server mimics a physical hardware server's actions and is capable of performing as if it was an entirely separate server. A Virtual Machine can host applications and services that are needed as part of your research.

Virtual Labs (vLabs)

Access to a virtual interactive computing environment with University-licensed specialized applications installed and available only on University campus computers.


IBM Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)




Software Center provides software and applications that are available for download and installation on UTRGV-managed computers.

ArcGIS - A location-based analytics platform that provides tools for mapping, spatial reasoning, and data analysis.

Endnote - A market-leading research manager and bibliography generator.

Mathematica - A sophisticated technical computing software package capable of doing exact mathematical calculations, from basic College Algebra to elaborate Quantum Field Theory calculations.

MATLAB - An application software with a sophisticated programming language and interactive environment for performing numerical analysis, data visualization, matrix computation, signal processing, video and image processing. MATLAB® is used by over one million engineers and scientists around the world for teaching, researching, and project-based learning.

Minitab - A powerful statistical analysis software that automates calculations and graphs. It allows you to import data and easily correct any mismatches, manipulate and format your data to your liking right in worksheet, graphs are automatically updated as you edit or add data, and effortlessly create presentations by exporting graphs straight to Microsoft PowerPoint or share your output by exporting it to Microsoft Word. Minitab® provides tools to turn your data into solutions.

SPSS - Statistical package that performs highly complex data manipulation and analysis using simple instructions.

Enterprised Licensed Software - All of the software that is available to UTRGV students, faculty, and staff.

Need a Specific Software? Save grant funds!

Software Assessment Process for Purchasing Software with University Funds

All UTRGV employees requesting software must complete the Software Assessment Request to reduce duplicate spending, delays in the software procurement process and ensure that it is properly assessed before it is purchased and implemented at UTRGV.

Purchasing Computers

iTech Computer Store

The iTech computer store is the best way to purchase computer equipment for UTRGV. It offers computer that have been pre-approved by IT and are pre-loaded with standard software and secured with encryption.

You can use the Custom Quotes form to request custom specs for high-end computer configurations, such as the Dell Precision Workstations.

If you need assistance please reach out to us for a Computer Purchase Consultation by submitting a Service Request on our Support Portal.

International Travel Laptop Loans

The International Travel Laptop Loan service lends laptops to employees traveling abroad to a high-risk country on official University business.

Regular UTRGV laptops/computers must not be taken to high-risk countries.

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