Electromagnetic spectrum By:nolan wilen

.the gamma ray has the highest frequency and the lowest frequency. all of the waves in between have different wavelengths andIf the wave length is shorter the frequency is higher. the way that you measure the frequency is however many times that the wave crest passes a certain point in one second. the faster the frequency is slower the wave length is longer. The formula to measure wavelength is wavelength = speed divided by frequency and the equatparticles the radio wave is the one with the lowest frequency and the highest wavelength. When the radio wave is used it is used to communicate and pass on information. The radio wave is used by police to use radar and to communicate with radios. The infrared wave is the wave that we feel as heat. Some of the infrared light is so short and near that you cant even feel them.The visible light is what we see and we use it to see the things that we do. The ultraviolet wave are the wave that make electromagnetic radiation that we use in hospitals to sterilize surgical equipment and to make the body produce Vitamin D. The X-Rays are a form of radiation that is used in the hospital and to make so that you can see the photographs to check for breaks and fractures. The x-rays have a feature that makes so they can penetrate the skin and body tissue but not bone. The gamma ray: The gamma ray are caused by some violent events such as supernovas. Gamma rays and Betta particles can be used to treat internal organs and treat cancer patients. they also are used for sterilizing surgical equipment in radioactive tracker. The Radio waves do more that make so that you can listen to the radio, they make so that you can use a cellular phone and watch television. The social community thinks that it needs to have the entertainment that the radio waves give them. In the social community the television is used to make so that the people are informed about what is going on in the world. we use our telephone to tell the people that we work with what is needed. The infrared light wave is mainly used in fast food restraunt to heat the food, some time a thermal infrared light is used in fast food restaurants. The shorter of the waves are used to power the remote to you television and make so they can interact.


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