Reform Movements Maddie Perez and Kinzi McEwan Period 5

The foundations of reform

This emphasized the role individuals played in their own society. It was also the belief in the good of man. One such movement was the Second Great Awakening and Transendantalisum.


The abolitionists were the many people of all different races that spoke out against slavery. They wanted slavery to end and believed it was not right. Though they were a minority in the South they swayed Northern attitude about slavery.

Women's Rights Reform

A quick video on Women's Suffrage

Women were not allowed to vote and voice their opinions during conventions. They were not allowed to simply because they were women. Their husbands owned them and all their belongings after marriage. Many women were outraged by this and began to hold conventions discussing their rights. The Declaration of Sentiments was proposed and demanded equality for women. This began the women's rights movement.

Prison Reform

The treatment of prisoners was unacceptable. The mentally ill, children, and debtors were chained in damp cells with murderers and weren't given enough food. They were also beaten and whipped. Dorothea Dix issued a report to the state legislature stating the horrible conditions.

The Education Reform

At this time very few children went to school because it was too far away or the cost was too much. So to change that Horace Mann led efforts to change his. Reformers saw education would solve problems like poverty and crime. They started to support schools through taxes and made it mandatory to attend the public schools.

The Temperance Movement

The temperance movement was a group of people saying how alcohol abuse is linked to crime, the breakup of families and mental illness. This caused many people to begin to want to get rid of alcohol sales. Therefore some states banned the sale of alcohol. These laws were later repealed.
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