The Gender Pay Gap By: Brendan Mulligan


Women are being denied their civil and human rights every day in America. There is pay gap between men and women even if they are providing equal labor. The gender pay gap denies women of the 23rd Article of human right which states “Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work. (, and in 1963, the United States passed The Equal Pay Act which stated that there could not be a difference in pay for equal labor because of a person's gender. This means that the gender pay gap is not only a denial of human rights, but also a crime. The is pay gap between men and women even though they are providing equal labor. For every dollar a man makes, a white women only makes 80 cents, and for women of color only 55 to 65 cents are earned per dollar. It is not fair to women that they make less money than men just because of their gender.

This compares a man's dollar to a women's dollar earned.

Now women are starting to take a stand and realize what is happening to them is a bad thing, but for a while they didn't. Before women had the rights they did now, they did not do anything about the gender pay gap, and stayed silent hoping it would change on its own. They saw that things were not fixing themselves and decided they would take a stand. Now they form protests as a way of fighting back the inequalities. There are many protests for women's rights, and in 2004 1.15 million people showed up in Washington D.C. to support women who are treated unfairly. Protests are important because they inform people about the problems, and most of the time do not require force. As good as protests are, they have flaws, too. People can be arrested while participating in them, and sometimes instead of informing people of problems they can aggravate people, and drive them away from helping to solve a solution. It is important for women to take a stand for the rights that they deserve, or else the pay gap will become even worse.

This picture shows uses an actual gap to symbolize the gender wage gap.

Even though women have started to take stands, and form protests, there is still more they can do in the future. One thing they could do is create commercials and televise them. The commercial would inform people who might not have heard about this problem, and could promote protests that are happening. Another thing they could do is bring cases of the gender pay gap to court. Because this is an issue of civil rights women can take it to court, fight it, and beat it. This is similar to the Montgomery bus boycotts of 1966 where American American people took the case of segregation on busses to court, and the judges ruled in their favor to completely stop the segregation. The next steps women take in fighting the gender pay gap are very crucial to how the end of it will be.


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