Baylis Court School Newsletter Friday 2nd October 2020

Face Coverings

The NHS, WHO and UNICEF advise that children aged 12 and over should wear a mask under the same conditions as adults, in particular when they cannot guarantee at least a 1-metre distance from others and there is widespread transmission in the area.

The applies in particular when travelling to and from school via public transport or dedicated school transport.

Artist of The Week

Well done to Ismah Ashraf

Y8 Austen

A huge well done and thank you to the two following students who have had their work celebrated and shared amongst all Slough Schools. We are so proud of you!

Driving your children to school

We ask all parents to please be mindful when dropping your children to school in the morning. Driving right up to the school gates and then attempting to turn around causes congestion and can be dangerous for other students. Please drop students further down Gloucester avenue to avoid issues.

Many thanks

Co-Curricular activities 2020-2021

This week students from year 9, Sania, Pheobe and Hind, took part in Gardening Club. They planted flower bulbs in big pots creating layers of different flowers. Sadly, we must wait for the final effect till springtime. However, it is worth to wait.

Because of COVID-19 the Gardening Club can be run for only one year group. Gardening activities for year 7 & 8 will be organised next term.

Next activity for year 9 will be on 15th of October at lunchtime in room 13. Don't forget to Sign on SIMS. Only 6 places available.

Mrs. Wojtala

Cultural Enrichment task-Cooking

Well done to Hooria Irfan from 7 Anderson who made couscous salad, roast chicken and potatoes

Cultural Enrichment Cinema Screenings Term 1&2

Online Tickets: Book your ticket on Sims Activities- there are only 50 tickets available

Bring your planers to sign off your Cultural Enrichment evidence towards your award

Health and safety:

  • Students will be sat socially distance (1metre+ apart)
  • Temperatures will be taken on entry
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided on entry and exit
  • No food/drink to be consumed in the screening

Berkshire Schools' Football Association - Under 14 Girls County Trials

if you would like an opportunity to try out for the county football team, please speak to Ms Lamb as soon as possible!

Nursing and Nursing Career Pathways

Thursday 29th October 2020 - a virtual taster day open to years 11-13 focused around nursing careers. A Health Education England event supported by Pathway CTM and will be from 10- 3pm. . To sign up to the Programme students can access sign up here

Free interactive webinars

As the new school year gets underway, you may have started to have some questions about what your plans for the future are...

Have you ever considered working in any of the following sectors: Aircrew, Intelligence, Logistics, Engineering, Force Protection, Medical and Medical Support, Personnel Support and Air Operations?

If yes, then join us for a live broadcast- No ordinary job - with the Royal Air Force


- What a career can give you with extra learning, skills, variation, progression.

- Hear first-hand stories from different jobs at the RAF that might surprise you!

- The RAF are continuously recruiting too, find out more in this session!

Future webinars:

Discover more about the possibilities at a company like Honda!

• Hear from the Senior Vice President of Honda in Europe about his career journey.

• Learn about the variety of departments in a company such as Honda.

• Gain insight into the transferable skills needed to excel.

Join us for a live broadcast next week on Wednesday 7th October at 2pm

The Prince's Trust- Get Hired Jobs

The Prince’s Trust is advertising current vacancies to help support young people into work at this time. We will be supporting you to apply for these roles via our Live Chat. Visit https://jobs.gethired.org.uk/.

You can contact us from 9am – 9pm every day:

  • Call us for free on 0800 842 842
  • Live chat with us online here

Coping with Y11-the students guide to homework and non-exam assessments


2. Record homework accurately and DO IT! Check SMHW and Teams regularly does your tasks and follow up to the lessons you have.

3. Listen extra carefully to any information about work that will contribute to your final grade eg coursework assignments or practical assessments. Record this information carefully and ask if you are not completely sure about what you need to do, and by when.

4. Even in an online world, it is worth keeping a paper file for each subject with dividers for each new section,

5. File information and handouts immediately or at the end of that day.

6. Keep a balance between studying, work commitments and social life-if you have done the studying, you will feel much better when you can go out-you CAN do both!

7. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, stressed or more anxious than normal, choose an anxiety management strategy (more next week) that works for you. In addition, talk to your tutor, MGO, LTA or a teacher you trust.

Tips for parents:

A. Your most important role is to encourage and praise your child. Show an interest by talking to them about what they are learning in different subjects and their homework tasks.

B. The most important thing is that your child attends lessons-sometimes, just missing one lesson means that they miss out on key infornation or the start or revision of an important topic. This can form a vicious circle of not understanding, falling further behind, disagreements with teachers, an increasing dislike of the subject and giving up.

C. Encourage your child to see the relevance every lesson and subject has to their end results-two years have gone and this is their final push to make a difference to their grades.

D. Have a work box/area stocked with the things your child may need for homework/revision and that their workspace is suitable.

E. Put key dates and deadlines in your diary so you can support your child before they start panicking. Have them up as a visual in the child’s workspace.

F. Take the opportunity to check in with them every couple of days and see how things are going or if they need help with anything.

G. Check your child’s homework schedule and probe if they seem not to have any homework-I’m sure they do! Check with their subject teachers if in any doubt.

H. Support them by having a file of their specifications, exam papers, mark schemes etc to aid further revision.

I. Let your child’s tutor and Head of Learning know if you think they are becoming overwhelmed or anxious-together, we all make a great support system for your child.

Have a great week!- Miss G :)


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