Flying Fish by Lucio

Flying fish glide away from predators.

Flying fish's predators are sword fish.

Flying fish fold their wings when they are in the water.

Flying fish live in the sea.

Here are some flying fish.


Created with images by jasonwoodhead23 - "PHOSTINT" • JoshBerglund19 - "Fried flying fish" • Fæ - "Specimen of a flying fish from Santa Catalina Island, ca.1900-1910 (CHS-1416)" • BioDivLibrary - "n35_w1150" • bazzadarambler - "Stonehouse in June 2010 ... flying fish - curiouser and curiouser." • Colynn - "Fish in Net" • lovelornpoets - "flyingfish" • BioDivLibrary - "n137_w1150" • thart2009 - "guide" • vastateparksstaff - "Fly Fishing-GH" • The Marmot - "Flying Fish" • BioDivLibrary - "n172_w1150" • lsgcp - "Flyingfish" • Mark Morgan Trinidad A - "Flying Fish" • NOAA Photo Library - "fish4281" • BioDivLibrary - "n152_w1150"

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