-Men's Shed Vernon- Newsletter January 24, 2020

On the Cover: Walking into the Shed at coffee time, I happened to join an animated discussion on which "Drool Tools" to purchase next. Now THAT will cure the January Blues!

Our Mission: We Build Meaning & Wellness into Men's Lives By Engaging Hands, Hearts & Minds.

Hearts: We Did Some Visiting

The recent cold snap in the Okanagan Valley was great for making our world famous Ice Wine, but not so good for Men's Shed. Our electric unit heaters were no match for -25C, so the Shed was SHUT for a few days last week.

How Cold Was It, You Ask?

It was 7C in the Shed when I arrived the other day. It eventually warmed up to 14C. Now you know why the guys are wearing touques in the photos.

But, We're Canadians...Cold Is What We Do!

Don't let the January Blues get you down. Take a Men's Shed guy out for coffee, or go cross country skiing like David F and Ray V did with our wives at our world famous Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre.

Dennis D came for a visit as a guest of Steve C. Thanks for your interest, Dennis. We hope to see more of you. Well done, Steve!

Ray V brought a new guy named Tyler, who helped us with some electrical stuff.


There are no tall tales when you bring in the photos as proof! Marty impressed us with his three year epic restoration of a 1968 Mustang ragtop. It looked like it came off the showroom floor when he was done. Meanwhile, Wally wowed me with his custom fabricated aluminium jetboat with a 454 V8 engine that could carry 16 passengers. Wally & Lynne ran a tour business with the boat, and even towed it to Alaska for some true back country exploration. A great way to get to know a guy better!

Our first four legged guy came by the Shed:

Dave J stopped by with "Fischer", the PADS assist dog. Fischer is the 19th PADS dog that Dave and his wife have helped to train for vital life assistance for a future owner living with disabilities. We learned a lot about PADS dogs, and about Dave, too! He's always got Kibble in his pocket.
facebook group : Twenty Five MSV guys are now signed up to interact and support one another. Click the link below, and then "Join". Roy U will do the rest. THANKS, Roy!

Hands: We Got Some Stuff Done!

Men's Shed Vernon was able to contribute some crafts from our cache to help out our friends at The Schubert Center for their fundraising dinner and auction. I hope the bidding is HOT! Thanks to Gerry, Mel, Marty, Wally, & Percy for the short notice help.

Catalina 27 Sailboat Renewal Project

John H has several projects lined up to move the sailboat to the lake by Spring. Come and select a small part from the list to get us all to the launch party! Helping out can be your meaningful way to say "thanks" to our hosts.

First Aid APP from Canadian Red Cross.

Download This On Your Android Phone. Thanks to John R for sending this in to us.

The "Drool Tool" Segment

The tools that make you pant to get to Men's Shed in the morning.

Check out this little gem that just landed at The Shed. Quick release mechanism for the blade, large tilting table, illumination, a host of blades, and even some complimentary scroll saw buddies to chat with about the next project! Good job, Mel!

Wanted: Stools for scroll saw work pods. Why let Lyle have ALL the new idea fun? We need a couple of stools for the guys who work at the scroll pods....


You have to get up early to get ahead of Lyle. He already built a stool. Can you build one too? We could use more.


Just imagine - 22" clearance, 1 hp motor, tilting table, fresh bits, free advice!

I'm salivating already!

Stay tuned...

We installed the like new Craftex band saw donated to MSV by Ken & Carol. Very nice!

Another project for a local non profit:

John H and Ron L are working on dressy new stair stringer facings to go with the new carpets installed at the Vernon Yacht Club. Good job guys.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Ray V just started making a pair of 7.5 ft long Oak and Pine laminated rowing oars for the Lemon Twist skiff.
Bruce is doing a little "ciphering" in advance of the next guitar class with Quinn.

Minds - Staying Involved

Important MSV Dates and activities:

Men's Shed BC (MSABC) provincial association looking for Directors:

The MSABC will be holding it's annual meeting on February 6th. At that meeting, they will be electing Directors for the year. Our own David Friesen will be letting his name stand for that position on behalf of Men's Shed Vernon. Any other member of MSV is also welcomed to let your name stand as well. Contact Ray V to coordinate the details.

The Power and Importance of Community

Sometimes, it's good to be alone to enjoy some solitude, or think an issue through...

But a healthy blend in life also says we like to "hang out" with friends, and bounce ideas off of others who care.

A Brigham Young study finds that lack of social contacts is a greater risk to well being and longevity than obesity, physical inactivity, or smoking 15 cigarettes a day!

The United Way just released results from an online study conducted in September 2019, involving 800 British Columbians, which found that almost half of the participants (46 per cent) said they sometimes feel lonely, and more than a third (38 per cent) said they feel isolated from their communities.

OK...So now you know that there is a strong likelyhood that either you, or one of your neighbors (or both) are that guy in the study who might be feeling a bit gloomy, and would welcome some interaction and purpose with other guys.

What to do... Well yea, we could both get together for a haircut once a month.

Hmm...What else?

How long can we discuss impeachment, or global warming, or his arthritis?

What's that, dear?...Oh yea, I DO remember hearing about Men's Shed, and the projects they're building.

I think I'll ask Jim next door if he'd like to go, and check it out with me.

...No, not next week. Yes, yes, tomorrow!

Which all helps to explain the value and popularity of the Men's Shed worldwide movement.

Men's Shed Vernon guys have been meeting for a couple of years now

We're Building stuff like this needed gazebo shelter for another vital local non profit organization.

Stuff to sell locally to help with expenses..

Important cross generational relationships,

...and personal projects like "Lemon Twist" here, that some of us of us would NEVER have tackled on our own.

So, grab that guy next door, and come check out Men's Shed Vernon. We'll all be a bit better off once you get here.

CMHA Calendar: SafeTALK Seminar

safeTALK is a three- to four-hour training that prepares participants to become suicide-alert helpers. At a safeTALK workshop, participants learn how to prevent suicide by recognizing signs, engaging someone, and connecting them to an intervention resource for further support.

February 6, 2020, 9 am - 12:30pm @ The People Place. Call CMHA Vernon to register.

Opening Men's Shed, and running the Shed Shuttle four days a week is a lot of work for a few guys, but an easy load with a bit of extra help. Sign up for a day or two for this spring if you can. It's YOUR Shed.

AGM Meeting Notice

Men's Shed Annual General Meeting. Wednesday, March 25th @ Men's Shed Vernon. All Welcome. Agenda to follow by e-mail shortly.

You need to be a member to Vote,

..so, don't forget to pay your membership dues for 2020. It's only $20/year. See Sam Lachman at the Shed.
...please take a moment to visit the CMHA Vernon web site and DONATE any cheerful amount to help us grow. Be sure to designate your gift to "Men's Shed Program." Oh...and by the way - THANK YOU!
Don't forget To Car Pool. We park on Fulton Road Just East of the High School next to the sports field. Our SHED SHUTTLE will pick you up, and return you to your car anytime you like! Just text or call...

Save the Shed Shuttle number...

Save our SHED SHUTTLE phone # on your cell NOW: 250-309-9749
Drop me a note if you would like to add a friend, (or delete) a name to our newsletter mailing list. We won't share it. rverlage@gmail.com
One thing that we WILL share is some quality time, some stories, and some projects when we meet. Don't forget to tell other guys about what's happening at "The Shed"..

We're Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays from 9AM - 1PM @ Elephant Storage - 6136 Okanagan Ave. Come and check us out!

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