Personal Values and Goals Self-study


I have decided that for this exhibit I am going to test out how working out and in my case most of the time, running, effects my attitude. There are a lot of articles that you can read that say that regular exercise helps to improve your mood, so I am going to see if working out will help me stay positive through all my troubles and keep an open mind. I am going to record my findings by writing it down kind of like journaling.


October 26, 2016 : I received my test grade on my first chemistry exam and the grade was not as good as I was expecting. This made me super upset and put me in a really bad mood, so I decided to go running. After I ran my mood at improved greatly and I wasn't thinking about the test grade as much and instead I made a plan on how to do better on my next test. I am thinking that this self study is going to prove to be extremely helpful because it seems like its going to actually work.

October 30, 2016: I have ran 4 out of 7 days this week and it has both helped my mood and my productivity. I have found that running/working out regularly has not only helped me stay positive but I have more energy which in turn helps me get more school work and studying done because I am not always so tired.


Working out regularly has definitely improved my mood liked I hoped it would and I also discovered it helps my productivity which I never would have thought that it would have done. I just take 30 minutes out of my day to run around 3 miles and with a healthy/balanced diet, this has really helped me out in many ways.


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