Cyber Bullying By Baxter Graham

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Internet Kills

Cyber bullying one of the most common reasons for children committing suicide and feeling depressed. This is why this needs to stop now so that no one else will get hurt. The internet and social media are one of the most dangerous places in the world. It has been found out by multiple people going on the internet and finding out about this.

It can hold serious consequences not even just for the children but it could even be dangerous for the adults. No source of bullying is good especially cyber bullying because it can be anonymous even though physical is hurtful at least the pain goes away unlike words stuck in your head. And also that it is even harder to track down the person because they could easily just change their name for their account or shut it down and also the companies that create these websites aren’t as reliable as they propose they are.

They may not seem as much of a threat when you hear about them but they are some of the most dangerous people in the world and make people want to kill themselves and three quarters of the victims actually kill themselves. But luckily people every day are supporting and working to stop cyber bullying across the web and stop it all together. One of these groups is called the ‘End to Cyber Bullying’. There is a website about this and the link is here:

The world for some people is a scary place that people can’t stand sometimes cyber bullying makes it that extra little bit worse. There is no reason for people to cyber bully so anyone who bullies in any way they just need to stop. So anyone who has just read this can you please just try to stop anyone that you know to stop or even someone that you don’t know you can stop them and we have one thing that bullies don’t and that is teamwork which means that we can work together to stop them.

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What did I do well: I believe that I did well on my first proper photo shopping area at school. And I also feel like I did well with the annotations for my visual and written persuasive texts.

What would I do differently if I had to do this task again: I reckon that I would write a bit more on my written persuasive text so that it persuaded the reader more. I also reckon I would do my adobe spark page a bit more neater than it is right now.

What help did I need: I reckon that I needed a bit more help with writing my written persuasive text a bit better and also a bit more help with guiding me through how to walk through adobe spark a bit better.

The main thing about the art of persuasion in this task is: I reckon that I have learnt a lot about persuasion in this task but one of the main things I reckon I've learnt in this task is Pathos, Ethos and Logos. These three things I reckon have taught me the most about persuasion. These three things are good for appealing to different parts of your brain, like ethics appeals to your ethical side of your brain meaning whats right and wrong. Logos meaning what appeals to the logic side of your brain appealing to anything with reasoning. And lastly Pathos meaning it appeals to your emotion like if something in an advertisement is sad you will feel sad and be persuaded to act upon it.

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