SUzaNne BRYant Becoming Badass Transformation


I was never the Athletic type growing up! Much of my adult life I would try to watch what I ate, go to the gym, and do some running. However I never enjoyed working out or pushing myself! I would take yoga from Ashley, but never felt like I could go I to a bootcamp at the park. This was because of a lot of negative self talk I had and that non-athletic mindset set in. I felt like I wasn’t strong or fast enough.


Finally after a few years of wanting to join bootcamp I finally went to a 4th of July workout (a year ago) and I wondered why I waited so long. I was pushed mentally and physically, but also enjoyed it! I knew I needed to join the bunch and start working on becoming that athletic type!

Throughout the past year I have grown so much and that is all due to Ashley and the support she gives her clients! I now enjoy pushing myself to see what my body is capable of doing. I look forward to my workouts (most days) and the days I don’t Ashley helps me get my mind right. I feel strong and capable of things I never thought was possible for me. I have grown mentally and physically and for the first time I feel athletic!

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