Is your child failing? HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!

Is your child failing subjects that involve reading comprehension and writing? Do you feel that your child has the ability, "if only"... Are you frustrated? Desperate? Don't know what to do, because you know that your child is smart, *if only*?

Who I am?

Your child may or may not have a diagnosis such as "ADHD", or may or may not have been identified as having learning difficulties (concentrating, focusing, studying, etc.) Since I am not a licensed counselor, it is not my job to diagnose. However, as a person who overcame a learning disability and with almost 20 years of teaching experience, I understand what it is like to struggle. I also understand what it is like to achieve and set students up to achieve as well. Currently, I am a graduate student at Rutgers University's MALS program, I have written books about music, recored CDs and have travelled the world, teaching in Japan (including designing special curriculums.) If your child is struggling in any area related to English, Social Studies, History, Language Arts or the Humanities, I can help.

What I do?

My approach to teaching is very different. I don't lecture, nor do I lazily or intimidatingly sit by your child and drill, and I don't waste time playing games. Instead, we learn together. We talk, we explore, and work on strategies to master the material. The long term goal, regardless of the subject is to make your child an efficient learner in the long term. In addition to this, by setting very clear incremental and attainable goals, I set your child up for success, first running behind him or her giving a push push, then alongside, watching your child achieve from a distance.

Q+A: Do you use any special method or technologies?

Lot's! Every student is different. Some benefit from modern learner technologies, including the development of customized/interactive PowerPoint Slides, others more old fashioned methods such as flashcards and highlighter pens. It really depends on the situation. The most important thing; however, are the factors of time efficiency and effectiveness.

Q+A: How else can you help?

I can help with "Learner Advocate Mediation" What is this? Well, three parties are involved in the learning process. The parent, the child and the teacher. Sometimes the Child feels caught in the middle. The parent is frustrated because the child has fallen almost too far behind to catch up. The teacher is frustrated because the child isn't learning (and maybe even disrupting the class.) And the child is frustrated from getting it both ways. I help, when advisable by negotiating. For example, I may draw up a professional quality learning plan and ask help you negotiate with the teacher to buy a reasonable amount of time for your child to catch up. At the same time, I may negotiate with you so we can develop a system of positive incentives to motivate your child (maybe even lift some punishments.) Then I'll work out a deal with your child. After this, we get working on the plan than works.

Can you guarantee success?

Of course not, success or failure is in your child's hands, but together as a team we canĀ improveĀ the odds. The key issue is getting everyone on the same page. The fact is, academic underachievement is not just about academics. It ruins relationships: Your child's relationship with you, and your child's relationship with him or her self. Together, we will fix this.

What are your rates?

My rates are negotiable. It depends upon the location, the circumstance and how much preparation is required. In addition, there are ways to reduce expenses while increasing lesson time by doing internet check-ins throughout the week. I can also work within a set budget.

Sounds great! Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?

I'm a 45 year old Liberal Studies Graduate Student with an undergraduate degree from Thomas Edison State University who grew up in North East, Philadelphia spent most of my adult life in Japan where I taught English and Language Arts and also had a career as a professional Jazz musician. My wife is a trained opera singer. We both speak Japanese. We have three dogs and enjoy travel, cooking and theatre. On top of my tutoring services, Japanese, Singing and Jazz piano lessons can be arranged too!

Eddie and Ayako

What to do next? Just get in touch and feel free to discuss your problems and concerns in details.

Location: We will be returning to Voorhees, NJ and the Philly Metro Area in April!


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