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Week One

Picture 1. Selfie Vertical Picture 2. Selfie Horizontal Picture 3. Familiar Object Vertical Picture 4. Familiar Object Horizontal Picture 5. Family Member Vertical Picture 6. Family Member Horizontal
Picture 1. I used the light to get this cool purple color. Picture 2. I used by sister with the sun to try a get a silhouette but I didn't work. Picture 3. I used my backpack for my familiar object.

Week Two

This week we were assigned to take one portrait and one snapshot.

Week Two

These two are my favorite especially the all black one taken with the new iPhone 10s. The other one was just taken from a side angle. The first one I posed for making it a portrait. The second one I was just sitting there and some took a picture of me making it a snapshot.

Week 3

This week our assignment was a social justice story. So I set up a story where a young girl was unarmed but being held at gun point by a cop. Even though her hands were up and she was unarmed she was still shot. I choose this because this is a all to common event among young teenagers in the U.S. You could tell this story by the young girl on her knees with her hands up and then by seeing the gun laying next to her in the second picture.

Week four: My message is about police brutality that grips our nation almost every week. This is important because this happens often I would love to capture that.

Week 5

Why are black people constantly being racially targeted, profiled, and shot?I used the symbol of “hands up don’t shoot” to raise awareness about how much police brutality there is currently in our country. I went online and looked up cases of police brutality. There was no shortage of cases, and something that really struck me was how every single one started: “ A white officer kills an unarmed black man.” By the third or fourth article, all about different people in different cities, I already knew what they were going to say. But what bothered me was not only how there are so many reports of the same thing happening, but how I could repeat the headlines nearly word for word. This is because police brutality is a rampant and pressing issue that grips our country month after month. This reveals just how much bias there is in the police force against people of color and specifically black males.

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