Colonial Religion By:brooke

What do you know about colonial religion? Back then, church was very important to colonial people. They thought that church was safe for them. Colonial church people thought that church should be an all day event because they thought church was a safe place. There are many important things to learn about the colonial church like where people would meet.

This is a church where people go there all day

Do you know what a meetinghouse is? A meetinghouse is a place were most of the English people did church services. There were wooden benches in the meetinghouse and people sat on them almost all day because they thought that church should be an all day event. People in the middle and southern colonies did church services too. Meetinghouses were places for people to worship.

this is a meetinghouse with hard wooden benches

That is why church is so important colonial people. And what a meetinghouse is. English people did church services at a meetinghouse, And also what a is inside of meetinghouse. Church is safe for everyone!


Created with images by Leo Silverfang - "Church" • Archives New Zealand - "Māori Meeting House, Nuhaka (c1949)"

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