North Carolina, founded in 1653 Kinley goodman

William Craven

  • Was born June 1608, died April 9, 1697.
  • He was an English statesman and soldier and one of the Lords Proprietors, which means he helped run the colony.
  • A Royalist during the English Civil Wars.


  • Not dominated by a specific religion
  • Which gave way to religious freedom for Baptists, Anglicans and others
  • Some of the first settlers to move to North Carolina were Quakers, because the colony had established religious freedom as early as 1672.


  • Split into three main areas.
  • Coastal plains, plateau and mountain ranges.
  • Swamps, islands, foothills and mountains.


  • Exporting tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grain, fruit and livestock.
  • Some main jobs were farmers, laborers, factory workers.
  • Some plantations were massive and consisted of the main house, slave quarters, a dairy, blacksmith's shop, laundry, smokehouse, and barns which made the plantations to large degree, self-sufficient.


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