Alabama by Samara

January is typically the coldest month of the year. Although is is quite mild. The weather in July and august is warmest just like just about anywhere. Although alabama has the least percipation in October.

If you like poultry you should come to Alabama. If you are vegan or vegetarian Alabama has options for you they are known for peanuts peaches and soy beans.

Steel cotton and coal are important to Alabama. The industries make a lot of money to fund things in the state.

Two places that are big attractions are Birmingham and Huntsville.

The state nickname is Heart of Dixie. While the state flowere is the Camellia. Now this is for all of the bird watchers the state bird is the yellow hammer which it is also known as the Northern Flicker. Now the state tree is the Southern long leaf pine. The state motto is in a different language, but i will tell you what it means in English. Audemus jura nostra defendere. ( We dare to defend our rights.)

"Prior to the outbreak of the American civil war Alabama seceded from the United States of America on January 11th of 1861." I got this information from US state facts. I also got this from state facts, "Various groups of indigenous native American people lived in the area that is present day Alabama." Now this information i didn't get from US state facts. Two important people from Alabama are Helen Keller and Rosa Parks.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Severe Tornado Outbreak in the Southern United States [HD Video]" • whitneyinchicago - "Peaches" • faglork - "roast goose goose leg dumplings" • heecehil - "seasoned peanuts peanut" • pixel1 - "soy beans animal feed soy oil" • skeeze - "steel mill worker foundry" • oatsy40 - "Coal" • kimberlykv - "Cotton Harvest" • marian_cav0 - "new street new street train station birmingham" • ian.m.phillips - "Rock Your Paws 2010-21" • Rictor Norton & David Allen - "Chiswick Camellias" • David A Mitchell - "IMG_3660-20.jpg" • bc 400 - "Rosa Parks Building" • IK's World Trip - "Alabama"

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