Africa 1.)The second largest continent in the world 2.) africa was part of was part of pangea

biggest lake

1.)lake victroa

2.)2 fresh water lake


1.) the bean is grown in Gana

2.) has a national day

dutch 1.) helped colenize africa


1.)africa has lots of enviornments

FRENCH .) more people speak french in Africa than in France
GOLD 1.) gold is a good trade source 2.)They hav lots of mines
HIV 1.) over 25 millin people are hiv positive 2.)yet only 5 out if 10 million get treated
internet.) 1.)there are only a few important people that have it 2.)no other people have
Jaba.) it is a tribe .
mt.killamanjaro.) 1.the highest mt. in africa 2.) towers 19,200 ft.

longest river

1.)nile river is the longest

2.) 4,258 ft. long


Created with images by Sandal74 - "sand sahara desert" • fabiowanderley - "zagora desert morocco" • D-Stanley - "Prehistoric Rock Paintings" • shankar s. - "Great Migration crossing point" • D-Stanley - "Sphinx" • ralph_rybak - "africa twilight botswana" • designerpoint - "hippo hippopotamus animal" • katja - "tree desert namibia" • skeeze - "eiffel tower long exposure lights" • Pascal Maramis - "Gold" • Berzin - "ambulance doctor students" • - "Orange" • Mariamichelle - "hut dwelling africa" • foundin_a_attic - "mt teide" • PhotoHenning - "The River" • Tim simpson1 - "Dartmoor" • Tim Green aka atoach - "River Kennal 1" • vastateparksstaff - "York River State Park" • Simon - "torrent white water force" • Scott Clark - "Strip Mining"

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